Samantha Brick
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
‘Too Beautiful’ Samantha Brick Was Bullied At School: ‘Women Ganged Up On Me’
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Marcus22
4/20/12 9:22 AM
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After her article about how she is hated by women because she is “too beautiful” became an Internet sensation, columnist Samantha Brick was bombarded by critics who accused her of being everything from vain and narcissistic, to downright disillusioned.

Now the British writer has revealed in an exclusive interview with that the source of her seemingly arrogant attitude as an adult comes from cruel school bullies who tormented her as a child.

“I was bullied at school, an experience like that never leaves you. I had to change schools in the end it was that unpleasant and scary,” Brick told

“When women gang up on you and target their insecurities and the bullying and the taunts commence, it’s incredibly unsettling, upsetting and very scary.

“As a result the feeling of being an outsider stays with you into your adult life,” she revealed. “The valuable lesson I learnt from being bullied is that you can't please all of the people all of the time. A mantra I definitely put into practice when the furor broke two weeks ago.”

As previously reported, Brick became a household name around the world earlier this month when she wrote an article for the MailOnline website describing her life as a series of incidents where she’s showered with champagne and co*ktails in bars, bunches of flowers from men in the street, cab fares paid and free train tickets, all because of her self-described good looks.

“I’m not smug and I’m no flirt, yet over the years I’ve been dropped by countless friends who felt threatened if I was merely in the presence of their other halves. If their partners dared to actually talk to me, a sudden chill would descend on the room,” she claimed in the piece.

What came next was a slew of e-mails, calls, online comments and tweets from people telling the 41-year-old blonde that “she’s not all that,” sometimes in far less polite language.

A series of TV appearances both in the UK and the US didn’t increase Samantha’s likeability, with even TODAY show host Ann Curry marveling at her arrogance: “I counted; you used the word I at least 60 times, are you aware of how narcissistic your piece sounded?” she said, when Brick tried to defend herself during an interview on April 6.

Along with Curry, Brick was blasted by Barbara Walters on The View, which shocked her as the verbal attack came from a woman she had always looked up to.

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Posted By: dripping | 4/20/12 11:02 AM
Why do people feel the need to chop people down when they compliment themself? Droves of people had to comment that she is not pretty??? What is so wrong with having confidence? She is beautiful and resembles Kirsten Dunst a little bit too. I didnt see her interview but after reading this story I feel worse for her. She was bullied in school now she shows confidence and adults bully her again. Take a chill pill people.
Posted By: Antoinette2012 | 4/23/12 10:20 AM
Bullying leaves lifelong scars. I, too, was bullied as a kid. And, later on, I too (finally) turned into a "swan". And, yes, unfortunately, women are jealous of an attractive woman. I think Samantha Brick is beautiful (yes --in the purely physical way) and even much prettier than Kirsten Dunst. I saw Samantha on the TV interview and she left those other women on that show in the dust! For one thing, she has incredible skin (includes good elastin and collagen). I couldn't take my eyes off the skin. And her smile would light up any room. Her features are beautiful and her supposed "crooked" teeth are incredibly white. Whatever her supposed "defects" it's the whole package, how she's finally put together, that snaps, crackles, pops! Her 'whatever' all together works and the final effect is -- beauty! She does not in person come across as arrogant. I found her writing, however, off-putting. Finally, jealously is much misunderstood. I would never be jealous of Samantha Brick because (even though a swan) I'm still not in her league! Where would the competition be? Women are jealous of other women they perceive as a little bit less or better than they. Women who are too far above or below, are not threats because there is no competition. I read that after readers did see her "live" on TV they changed their minds about her looks, realizing, of course, that most were not in her league.
Posted By: Antoinette2012 | 4/23/12 11:39 AM
An addendum: Perception -- If a woman "perceives" another woman to be only a little bit better or less than she, then jealously can rise its ugly head (even though, as in Samantha's case) their perception may be off, perhaps even 'delusional'. Samantha Brick submitted candid, untouched photos of herself, which lends support to her not being an arrogant person. She also appeared dressed down on her TV interview, with subdued makeup. Movie stars, however, make sure that every shot of them is (air-brushed, cut, etc.) to perfection, not to mention all the plastic surgery they have. She does not appear to be phony and genuinely is satisfied with her looks. I think most other women are NOT satisfied with their looks. Nitpick themselves to death about perceived flaws, weight, etc. And it galls them to the quick to hear a woman like Samantha (whom they "perceive" as not that much different then they) say that she thinks she's attractive! They want her to be like them, constantly tearing themselves down. And what if a woman thinks she is the "most attractive woman in the room"? If you have confidence, that shouldn't bother you. Finally, not all women are this way. I have met some genuinely non-jealous women, and these I have formed friendships with. But there just are too many of the other kind out there, as was clearly demonstrated by the sheer volume of hate mail Samantha received.
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