George Smith
Bullying Survivor
Male | New York, NY   United States
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Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Dreamondreamer
4/20/12 9:09 AM
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Okay, a few things first up:
1- I come from a good family, my family have never done anything bad to me, both my parents are supportive and aren't abusive or alcoholic etc. I really feel for anyone who has to go through that.
2- I'm Australian, not American.

So to start at the beginning I was bullied in Primary School, I was overweight and sh*t. Back then it seemed worse than what it was, just childish stuf. My P.S bully is now my best mate.

So after P.S I went to private high school and never saw my "friends" anymore. We drifted apart and I clung to the friendships, but beside the point.
Through year 7 I was still obese and I was that kid that no one wanted anything to do with, I sat alone at lunch, people going past would throw sh*t, say bad things, and I'd just break down crying.
So I confided in my teacher and she helped a lot.

Year 8 I changed, I became friends with the "cool" kids and tried to be what I wasn't, but I wasn't being bullied and had friends. One day a girl in my class had a go at me for being fat, it was on this day I first developed anorexia. I kept this up 'til year 9 then took the plunge into bulimia.
During year 9 I was bullied so much, mainly cyber thanks to Formspring. I started cutting myself, I'd do it in class or in the toilets. It was this year that my "friends" started to legit run away from me.. I went through 7 friendship groups that year.

Year 10 started off okay, I got bullied for my hair and how I dressed, I was part of the "scene."
I got bullied a lot by the upper year to the point where I would just start screaming.
My depression took a big turn for the worse, it was being mixed with anxiety, my anorexia and bulimia abd some symptoms of schizophrenia. Anyway, this year I had my first taste of relationships... I dated this one girl for a month, she dumped me 'cause I didn't have sex with her. She cheated on me with my "best friend", faked a pregnancy and f*cked 9 guys when we broke up. I was already not well liked by our town, bands gave free shirts to those who made me bleed. This girl posted a status about me on Facebook, over 2000 comments of hate, no spam. There were in excess of 20 status' about me a night by people for months, hate pages made about me. There were plans to burn my lawn and graffiti my house, my home details were posted on Facebook. I deactivated for a while, cut off my life from people for months, yet the bullying still came. I got to the point where I was going to school drubk or high, I'd go do dr*gs in the toilets or mix alcohol with really strong paink*llers.

So, to this day I get bullied everyday whether it be cyber or physical. 3 people have tried to stab me and I've been hit a lot. I no longer give a f*ck. I still have anotexia and bulimia, my bones stick out but I want to be skinnier. I've gone from obese and unwanted to the boy everygirl wants. Last week, different girl everyday sometimes two.
I hate my life, I hate who I am and what I've becme. I'm not proud of my decisions but all this ^ has made me the c*nt I am. I'm guilty of bullying, I will openly admit that. I've said things I wish I could take back 'cause I know how it feels, but some things can't be undone.

Forgot to mention, I am currently 16, I don't see much of a life ahead of me, just sex, alcohol and dr*gs.It's the life I have now and I honestly can't see it changing for the better.
Thank you for reading.

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