Chris Rock
Bullying Survivor
Male | New York, NY   United States
"I got beat up just about every day. I got called n***** every single day."
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: BullyVille
4/05/12 4:14 PM
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Apparently, there was a time when everybody really did hate Chris Rock. The comedian has talked openly about his struggles as the only black student in his New York school, saying, "I got beat up just about every day. I got called n***** every single day. I got kicked and whatever. What happened to me then, today kids come to school with guns and shoot everybody—but I couldn't find a gun back then." Clearly still haunted by the painful words of his youth, Rock turned the experience into comedy with his show Everybody Hates Chris, which actually inspired one of his former teachers to write Rock an apology letter for his less-than-pleasant elementary school days.

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Posted By: cc345 | 5/22/12 3:24 PM
I bet the kids that bullied him still watch his stand up and belly laugh. You are one of the funniest people to ever live Chris.
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