Sir Elton John
Bullying Survivor
Male | Las Vegas, NV   United States
Sir Elton John says he was bullied as an adult
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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4/03/12 8:33 PM
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Sir Elton John has opened up about the bullying he endured after shooting to fame, alleging he was tormented by three “very important people” in his professional life.

The British singer refuses to name those involved, but he claims to have suffered nasty abuse at the hands of unscrupulous characters who took advantage of the superstar’s shyness.

He tells E! News, “It was about control and them being able to keep me under their thumb. And I was the perfect candidate for it. Even though I was famous and a big deal, it doesn’t matter, it’s who you are underneath that, and I was always kind of shy and intimidated. …

“One was violent and the other two were mentally violent. They were very important people in my life. They were important people in my career and in my personal life.”

John kept his suffering hidden for a long time, but he goes on to urge anyone in a similar situation to speak out, because bullying does not just happen in the schoolyard — it also affects adults.

He adds, “Speak out, speak out. Snitch on them. Try to defend yourself, not like me, who hid it and thought it was OK to just go on like it.”


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