Michael Strahan
Bullying Survivor
Male | New York, NY   United States
Michael Strahan Bullied As Kid For Gap Tooth & For Being Fat
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: qvark
3/31/15 12:05 PM
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In a new social campaign called “Anything Is Possible,” Michael Strahan is revealing troubled teenage years when he was called fat and made fun of for having a gap tooth, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

“If I could look back and say anything to myself as a teen, wow what would I say? ‘Don’t worry it will all work out,’” Michael says to the nonprofit dedicated to helping teens realize that they will overcome whatever problems they have now because Anything Is Possible.

He adds, “I heard every gap tooth joke. ‘It looks like a bowling alley. There’s a sign on your left tooth that point to your right tooth that says next tooth one mile. When I see you I don’t know if I should kick a field goal or if I should smile.’”

But the host of Live! With Michael and Kelly says, “You know why it doesn’t bother me because I say ‘If I fix my smile then I would be perfect.’”

In talking to the kids, who are the target audience for the highly-produced videos, Michael says, “We’re all individuals we all have flaws — that’s the great thing about it. You don’t want to be like everybody else you want to be who you’re meant to be. And for me I’m meant to be the guy with the gap tooth smile. Something that used to be the curse — that got me made so much fun of — is now the gift.”

And then there was the time when he was 13 years old and his brother and his friends would call him Bob instead of his real name Michael. Michael says, “You know what Bob stands for? Booty on back, which means I was chubby.”

He says it was “devastating,” and he decided to do something about it. At first he tried the Jane Fonda workout tapes, then he used the Herschel Walker Workout Book.

“My commitment was to keep my brother and his friends from calling me Bob,” he says. But again, he turned a negative into a positive. He started working out with his father and it developed into a great relationship and his body changed physically, which put him in a position to play football.

And he ended up playing 15 years with the New York Giants and won the Super Bowl in 2007.

Read more at http://rumorfix.com/2015/03/michael-strahan-bullied-as-kid-for-gap-tooth-for-being-fat/#FrHvmsmdFwHqRGrJ.99

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