Evelyn Border
Bullying Survivor
Female | Pittsburgh, PA   United States
So reprehensible, it just leaves you scratching your head and asking why?
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: KarmaVille
1/16/12 10:04 AM
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People often do things that make others ask, “Who does that sort of thing?” Not always actions that physically hurt others, but things that just leave you wondering if the perpetrator(s) has any decency at all.

A perfect example of this is the case of 56-year-old Evelyn Border and her 35-year-old daughter, Tina Griekspoor. These two lovely ladies did something so reprehensible, it just leaves you scratching your head and asking why? Proud mother and daughter, Evelyn and Tina set up shop inside a Walmart store in Pennsylvania. They spotted a nine year old being assisted with a product by a Walmart employee. The two disgraceful women watched the interaction and when they saw the child place her gift cards on a shelf (one for $50 the other for $30), they shamefully moved in and swiped them. Again, I ask…..”Who does that?”……especially to a child. To make matters worse, it was the poor girl’s birthday and the gift cards were a present.

But now, after you’ve shaken your own head and cussed these ladies out, let me tell you the good news. After trying to use the cards twice, they were caught, arrested, and prosecuted. But they didn’t serve any jail time because the District Attorney, Bill Higgins, didn’t ask for any jail time, instead he made the two women a little deal. He agreed that if they pleaded guilty to theft, he would only ask for probation. But Billy-Boy didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, he had a plan for his probation madness. Personally, I would have said they deserved more then probation, but like I said, he had a plan, and I like what the DA did. Bill Higgins agreed that if the ladies would stand outside the Bedford County courthouse with a sign that read, “I stole from a 9-year-old girl on her birthday! Don’t steal or this could happen to you!”…..they would only get probation.

Source: http://strangerush.com/2011/01/bad-karma/

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