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April 07, 2012

BulliesOut believe that bullying and bullying behaviours are one of the more contributing factors in cases of non or diminished attendance at school. Bullying creates a negative environment and the stresses placed on anyone involved in or affected by bullying and bullying behaviour have far reaching effects on their emotional health and well being, educational successes and subsequent life chances.


We believe that learning is the foundation for life and can help raise confidence, self esteem and motivate young people to achieve their aspirations and career choice. We recognise that barriers to learning, such as bullying, can prevent people from recognising and achieving their full potential. Our vision is for all young people to recognise their self worth and potential and to flourish in a positive, caring environment free from oppression and abuse.


BulliesOut aims to initiate and support efforts to create a safe, healthy and learning community which recognises, respects and celebrates diversity. A key theme is creating an environment that improves the social, emotional and academic wellbeing across settings where children and young people, parents and professionals alike feel confident in dealing with bullying and have faith that appropriate action will be taken if instances are reported.

Source:  www.bulliesout.com

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