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LeAnn Rimes Is Accused Of Paying A Professional Online Bully To Mess With Brandi Glanville
Article by: Dlisted
April 20, 2017

LeAnn Rimes Is Accused Of Paying A Professional Online Bully To Mess With Brandi Glanville

Any day now, trillions of locusts will swarm the land, Satan will crawl out of Hell to high-five his homeboy Trump and nukes will fly above our heads. And as the world crashes down around us and we all run for our lives, you can count on one thing: Amidst the chaos of it all, LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville will be looking at each other like, “Ewww, your implants are jank, your weave is trash, you totally have cankles and Eddie said my pussy tastes sweeter, bitch!

LeAnn v. Brandi is the roach of feuds, and like roaches, it apparently can be found amongst the trash and scum. The Dirty recently noticed that Brandi unfollowed her forever arch rival LeAnn on both Twitter and Instagram. James McGibney, the owner of the site BullyVille, tells The Dirty that Brandi broke up with LeAnn on social media after finding out that the diabolical luck dragon allegedly hired a professional troll (and yes, that’s what I write under “occupation” on my tax returns) to stalk and harass her. LeAnn Rimes is 34 years old. I’m pointing that out, because I’m around her age and I thought I acted like a bitchy immature tween (see: Everything I write on this blog and the fact that I asked my friend if my ex’s current boyfriend is hotter than me. The answer was yes.) But this two Dollar Tree clearance bin Regina George has me beat.

James McGibney got a hold of a transcript of a testimony in a child support case involving a dude named Brandon King. During Brandon’s testimony, he says that he makes a living doing web design, web development and professional trolling. Brandon says that he sets up “troll accounts” and that he’s really good at it. Brandon doesn’t come out and say that he trolled Brandi Glanville for money, but he does say that he’s got a contract with LeAnn Rimes through a company called Spina Law Firm. Brandon also testified that Joanna Krupa is one of his clients. Joanna Krupa is currently suing Brandi for saying that her cooze smells like rotten fish. 3

James added this about Brandon King:

“Brandon King is a convicted felon who was hired by the Spina Law Firm out of New Jersey. We heard through some back channels that the Spina law firm hired Brandon to troll celebrities online. Until I got my hands on that transcript, it was pretty hard to prove that he worked for them.

This guy is the worst of the worst. (An) alleged child abuser, alleged woman abuser, alleged convicted felon, etc……why on earth would Leann Rimes hire someone like this?”

The Dirty believes that Brandon may have used the Twitter account @FauxRealityE, and they posted screen shots of LeAnn talking with that account in 2014.


Eddie Cibrian pissed on these claims and tells The Dirty that LeAnn has never heard of Brandon King and that they never hired him to do any kind of work. Eddie says the transcript is either fake or Brandon King is lying. Brandi, on the other hand, believes it, because duh, this keeps this never-ending feud going, which means she’ll get more attention: 2

“I’m shocked and disappointed at the lengths some people will go to harass others. Hiring a convicted felon to conduct online bullying on their behalf is a reflection of the character of his clients.”

This whole story is ridiculous, far-fetched and pathetic, but since it involves Brandi and LeAnn, I believe it! If this is true, then what’s really sad is that LeAnn used some of her county fair concert money to pay someone to troll Brandi. There are many, many trolls who would do it for free, because the thrill of trolling is payment enough. Or LeAnn could’ve told Eddie to make himself useful and have him to do it. And well, Brand is a wreck, but she wins this round since she doesn’t need to hire a professional troll. She gladly does the desperate trolling herself.

Source: http://dlisted.com/2017/03/24/leann-rimes-is-accused-of-paying-a-professional-online-bully-to-mess-with-brandi-glanville/

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