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EXCLUSIVE: Tweets Show LeAnn Rimes Communicated With Faux Reality
Article by: The Dirty
March 25, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Tweets Show LeAnn Rimes Communicated With Faux Reality

Yesterday, The Dirty exclusively reported that LeAnn Rimes may have allegedly used a man named Brandon King to possibly harass Brandi Glanville on the internet.

While Eddie Cibrian denied this was the case to us, we have obtained tweets (slide right on image) that show that Rimes definitely was communicating with the @FauxRealityEnt account that King may have had involvement with.

We asked BullyVille’s James McGibney his thoughts on the texts. He told us that,It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots on this one. Per Brandon’s own words within his interview with Faux Reality (a website domain that is registered in his name) Brandon admits that (a) the court document we posted on BullyVille is authentic and (b) he did work for LeAnn Rimes but that her ‘manager’ hired him, which contradicts Eddie Cibrian’s statement made to The Dirty.”

“In what bizarro world would Leann Rimes or Joanna Krupa cross paths with a convicted felon (insert mugshots here) and hire him for ‘computer work’?” McGibney continued. “Per Brandon King’s own sworn testimony this was coordinated through the Spina Law Firm and the interactions between Vinnie Spina and LeAnn Rimes are well documented on Twitter. Simply Google the term FauxRealityEntertainment & LeAnn Rimes and you’ll see hit piece after hit piece targeting Brandi Glanville”.

When asked if McGibney -former Marine- believes Rimes is a bully, as he is the expert in outing bullies, he told us that, If we are to believe the sworn testimony of convicted felon Brandon King, then by proxy, LeAnn Rimes could most certainly be considered a bully for allegedly hiring someone to viciously harass Brandi Glanville online.”

Source: https://thedirty.com/celebrities/leann-rimes/tweets-show-leann-rimes-communicated-with-faux-reality/#post-2187077

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