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Kate Gosselin Sues Jon Gosselin and Robert Hoffman
Article by: NY Daily News
August 29, 2013

Kate Gosselin files lawsuit against ex-husband Jon Gosselin, accusing him of hacking her phone and computer

Former 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' star is suing her ex-husband for allegedly stealing a hard drive to access her cellphone and bank records to help author Robert Hoffman find dirt for 'Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.'

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Kate Gosselin is suing her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, alleging  her ex-husband stole personal information from her to supply a writer for a nasty tell all e-book.

It’s a harsh new reality for the former stars of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

Kate Gosselin filed a bombshell lawsuit accusing her ex-husband and father of her children, of conspiring with a journalist to hack her computer and cellphone and access her bank accounts for a nasty tell-all book, anti-bullying site Bullyville.com first reported.

Lawyers for the 38-year-old filed the suit Monday in U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania - a legal salvo that shows just how bitter relations between the former couple have fallen since the height of their former reality show glory.

The Gosselins divorced in 2009, bringing an abrupt end to their TLC series, which chronicled their lives bringing up sextuplets and twins.


“After the couple was separated, Jon illegally hacked into Kate’s email account and her phone and bank accounts,” the 18-page lawsuit alleges.

“Jon also stole a hard drive from Kate’s house, which contained private and confidential material. Jon the gave them the contents of Kate’s email account and the hard drive, all of which were acquired illegality, to his friend and business partner, tabloid reporter Robert Hoffman.

Kate and Jon Gosselin during happier times - on their since cancelled TLC series, ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8.’


Kate and Jon Gosselin during happier times - on their since cancelled TLC series, ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8.’

“Hoffman used the illegally acquired data to publish a defamatory book about Kate.”

Hoffman’s book, “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.” included several unflattering tidbits about the former reality starlet that he claims came from a personal journal picking through her trash. His accusations included Kate Gosselin’s alleged repeated use of a wooden spoon to discipline her children physically.


“She uses that ‘Spanker’ on a daily basis for anything and everything,” Hoffman told Star Magazine when his ebook was released last September. “The spanking entries are endless.”

Kate Gosselin’s lawsuit further claims that Hoffman “publicly described his ongoing friendship with Jon Gosselin and even bragged he was in possession of 5,000 family photos, personal documents, tax and business records plus contracts - on information and belief, they were acquired from Jon Gosselin, and were acquired with the knowledge that Jon obtained them illegally.”

Though the e-book was ultimately removed from many major retail sites, Kate Gosselin claims “the damage was done.”

The lawsuit asks for unspecified damages as well as legal costs.

"The book with Robert Hoffman had certain confidential info that he shouldn't have and she believes it came from John," Jordan Rushie, a lawyer for Kate Gosselin told E! News.

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