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When Bullies Get Bullied Back!
Article by: YAHOO! Voices
April 02, 2013

When Bullies Get Bullied Back!

There is an emerging trend sweeping the net as of late which is being received with a mixed reaction to say the least. Spend about 30 seconds on any social network such as Facebook and Twitter and you will see cyber-bullying at its worst. One company that is combating this trend deep within the trenches is bullyville.com. They have been referred to as the "A-Team"; people who are bullied turn to them when traditional means offer little to no recourse. They are very selective as to what causes they do get behind, which they refer to as #ops. They are very successful with their approach and they come out swinging for the fences. However, many anti-bullying advocates disagree with their approach, calling it "reckless" and "barbaric."

After observing Bullyville on twitter {@bullyville} for the past few weeks, it's hard not to root for them. It appears that most of these cyber-bullies reap what they sow. On the other hand, they can be brutal and downright scary. If they come after you, look out, it will make you reevaluate your bullying lifestyle, most shut down their accounts completely. It's not just @bullyville that comes after you; it's also many members of the hactivist group Anonymous. They've gone after pedophile rings, revenge porn kings and even unscrupulous bloggers.

We here at Yahoo! News sat down with the former Marine, founder and CEO James McGibney, to get a better understanding of what goes through his head on a daily basis. There is no doubt of his brilliance, it's his quick temper and unbridled rage toward his enemies that send chills through most people.

Question: You recently won a $250,000 judgment against revenge porn king Hunter Moore, what happened?

Answer: Well the cliff notes version is that he threatened to rape my wife while my kids watched and accused me of being a pedophile. That warranted my undivided attention and I'm not even close to being done with him yet.

Question: Your case against him is considered groundbreaking because it's one of the first known judgments in the existence where someone successful sued another person based off of twitter harassment. Was justice served?

Answer: He got off easy, however since the judgment is accumulating 3 ½% interest per month, he better get a job pretty soon.

Question: Critics have called you polarizing, brutal and a loose cannon in your approach to combating bullies, do you agree?

Answer: Tell those critics that I appreciate all of those great compliments. Next time a 16 year old girl is contemplating suicide because her naked photos landed on a revenge porn website; let's see if any of those critics get off their asses to help.

Question: You recently went after some of Kate Gosselin's haters, was it this tweet that said, "@Kateplusmy8 - Happy bday o a grifting, stealing, lying, child & animal c**t b*tch. Hope u choke on ur birthday cake. Remember Selena" that set you off?

Answer: That was certainly one of them, but we've been observing them for months. There's about ten of them altogether that we're aggressively going after. @emeraldcityjazz, @gosselinbook, @lisakn16, @Allisstair, @chancertheboxer, @Tallisf @SuzeW718 and a few others. They are despicable bullies of the highest magnitude and we're simply bullying them back. Sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully. You can't have a rational conversation with people like this. It's actually a complete waste of time to even try to do so. Once they were called out on a national stage, they played the "we're protecting Kate's children because she's a child abuser" card. If that were the case, where's the proof? Why hasn't protective services stepped in? Because it's complete and total bullshit, that's why. One user @emeraldcityjazz has tweeted over 72,000 times and 98% of her tweets are about Kate. Either she's got a major obsession issue or she's on someone's payroll. Same holds true with a few others, we'll get to the bottom of it, we always do.

Question: The hacktivist group Anonymous tweeting the following, "We openly support any operation that @bullyville launches. Any attack on them is a direct attack on us. #expectus"... What were your thoughts when you saw the tweet?

Answer: It's definitely no secret that I have an infinite amount of respect for my fellow anon brothers and sisters. The media need look no further than my twitter account to see all the amazing things that anons accomplish on a daily basis. They have helped our society in ways that most will never hear about. I'm proud of them and continue to be humbled and grateful for their continuous support.

Question: Are you worried at all about your safety?

Answer: Not at all. I believe in what I am doing and am willing to die for it. Nevertheless, I have a concealed carrier permit and will defend my family as all costs.

Source: voices.yahoo.com

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