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Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore Ordered to Pay $250K for Defamation
Article by: PCMag.com
March 11, 2013

Hunter Moore

Internet pariah Hunter Moore (pictured) has been ordered by a Nevada judge to pay anti-bullying activist James McGibney $250,000 in damages for defamation, according to BetaBeat.

In 2012, Moore falsely accused McGibney, owner of the anti-bullying website Bullyville, of "serious crimes that are defamatory per se, including pedophilia and possession of child pornography," according to a judgment handed down last week. In addition to the $250,000 in damages, Moore was ordered to pay an additional $11,581 in attorneys' fees and $1,588.50 in costs associated with the case.

Though Moore acknowledged the suit on Twitter, he declined to defend himself, resulting in a default bench judgment from the Nevada district court in Las Vegas.

Moore sold his "revenge porn" website Is Anyone Up to McGibney in 2012. At the time he claimed to have had a change of heart about his rise to fame as the operator of a site dedicated to publishing hurtful, usually sexual photos of unsuspecting people, which were sent in by their "exes" and accompanied by snarky comments from Moore.

But Moore was apparently pulling a prank of some sort, according to BetaBeat's Jessica Roy. The move was, in fact, "a massive troll, fueled by copious amounts of cocaine."

The reviled Internet entrepreneur appeared to confirm that when he turned on McGibney and proclaimed the Bullyville founder to be a pedophile and in possession of child porn. During the evidentiary phase of the defamation suit last year, McGibney "clearly and convincingly proved that Moore's statements were false, injurious, and defamatory," according to court ruling.

Moore may have actually gotten off easy. An expert witness used by McGibney's legal team to testify to the damage to the plaintiff's reputation suffered as a result of Moore's false claims advised the court that $1 million in damages would be warranted. McGibney, however, "stated that he requested judgment of $250,000 as a conservative estimate of his reputational and personal injuries from Moore's conduct," according to the ruling.

McGibney, a former U.S. Marine, sent a statement to BetaBeat regarding the court ruling:

"[T]his judgment is the least of Hunter's worries. It just helped to pave the way for the class-action lawsuit already in the works against him. He thinks these young girls have forgotten what he did to them; think again. And when you threaten to rape my wife while my kids watch, you've earned my undivided attention. Never forgive, never forget. #expectus"

It's notable that McGibney used a tagline associated with the Anonymous hacker collective to punctuate that statement. Last December, members of Anonymous kicked off a project called "Operation Hunt Hunter" targeting Moore and his planned HunterMoore.tv website.

Source: PC Magazine

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