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Bullyville Founder Wins $250,000 in Defamation Case Against Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore
Article by: Betabeat.com
March 10, 2013

Mr. Moore (Photo: Showclix)

Mr. Moore (Photo: Showclix)

In 2012, it seemed like revenge porn king Hunter Moore might have had a change of heart. He sold his prominent revenge porn empire Is Anyone Up to James McGibney, the owner of anti-bullying site Bullyville, and wrote a letter claiming that he was no longer interested in facilitating the proliferation of revenge porn. Of course, like most of what Mr. Moore does, it was impossible to take at face value. The whole thing turned out to be a massive troll, fueled by copious amounts of cocaine, as he said in our December 2012 feature.

Though he did sell Is Anyone Up, Mr. Moore was certainly not sorry, and did not intend to take a stance against bullying. In fact, he quickly turned on Mr. McGibney, calling him a pedophile and accusing him of owning child pornography. Mr. McGibney, a former marine, was not about to take this sitting down and filed a suit against Mr. Moore for defamation.

Though Mr. Moore was served the suit, he never responded to the complaint. Because of this, Mr. McGibney was awarded a “default judgment.” Yesterday a Nevada judge finally issued a ruling on the case, proclaiming that Mr. Moore must pay Mr. McGibney $250,000 in defamation damages, as well as pay his legal fees.

We reached out to both Mr. McGibney and Mr. Moore and will update when we hear back.


Here is a statement from Mr. McGibney:

“this judgment is the least of Hunters worries.  It just helped to pave the way for the class action lawsuit already in the works against him.  He thinks these young girls have forgotten what he did to them; think again.  And when you threaten to rape my wife while my kids watch, you’ve earned my undivided attention.  Never forgive, never forget.  #expectus”

Source: Betabeat

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