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New Website Helps Put Cyber Bullies On Blast!
Article by: CNN iReport
February 20, 2013

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In a time when bullies are getting away with their actions due to scared victims, lack of attention, or being hidden behind computer screens, BullyVille.com has come forward with a new technology concept - a first of its kind - that is actually helping to put an end to bullying once and for all in communities around the globe.


"Bully Blast" a new feature on BullyVille.com, which has been featured here on CNN before and is an anti-bullying awareness website that promotes itself as a place for people who have been bullied to come and share their story and read others in an effort to help each other, is now helping victims take a stand rather then just share their stories.


While BullyVille has recently seen massive support from Glee's Becca Tobin, Dj Ashba of Guns N' Roses and reality star Kate Gosselin, the site is taking things to a whole new level with this new feature. With "Bully Blast" victims of cyber bullying, which has become one of the main ways of bullying in our society these days, can create a BullyVille account for free and then the website will anonymously call the bully out via their social media network so everyone knows that the individual (bully) is using technologies to harm other people in a deliberate, repeated and sometimes hostile manner.


James McGibney, the owner of BullyVille.com writes on his website that this new feature will, "hold the bully accountable for their actions so they can no longer hide behind a screen without the fear of being exposed. Especially when it’s someone who is telling a teenager that they should commit suicide and that they’re worthless.”


So, if you are being bullied, try this new feature out and turn the tables by visiting: http://www.bullyville.com/?page=blast or on Twitter via @BullyBlast / @BullyVille


Source: ireport.cnn.com

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