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Anonymous Sets Its Sights on IsAnybodyDown.com
Article by: BV Media
December 13, 2012

IsAnybodyDown is an “involuntary porn” or “revenge porn” site, posting nude photos, names, phone numbers, hometowns, and Facebook profiles of about 700 people.  The photos are posted without their consent and are purportedly submitted by jealous ex-paramours, but appear to be culled by the site’s administrators by deceiving posters on the Craigslist personals section.  The site, hosted in Romania, claims to be immune from American copyright law and regularly posted emails mocking people who asked to have their photos removed. Its owners apparently view their site as a “weapon.”

The site was started by Craig Brittain of Colorado Springs and Chance Trahan of Tucson. IsAnybodyDown.com will be held responsible for their actions.

Source: http://vimeo.com/55460083

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