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All of Hunter Moore’s Personal Information Is Now on the Internet, Thanks to Anonymous
Article by: Gawker.com
December 07, 2012

All of Hunter Moore's Personal Information Is Now on the Internet, Thanks to Anonymous

Over the weekend, hacktavist collective Anonymous declared a formal vendetta against sext troll Hunter Moore, who recently announced plans to relaunch a revenge-porn site and publish addresses of people he doesn't like. Anonymous wasn't kidding: yesterday, they briefly took down HunterMoore.tv and now, they claim to have hacked into his servers earlier this morning. Their account appears in the video above and here via Pastebin:

December the 6th at approximately 2 am eastern time the team infiltrated the site and defaced it after a day of denial of service attacks on his servers, and his merchandise chain. We have backed up his entire archive to the web to preserve evidence. He has since restored an alternate version of his website with different text at the bottom. We will pursue access to his site and bring it down effectively. This is an update, a leak of proof and data that would otherwise be hidden from public view, of a team of anons who have worked day and night on this case, and who continue their vigilance even as this is written here today.

There is a damning amount of personal information in the same Pastebin text file, including including addresses, passwords, his ftp site, logins, his social-security number, affiliated IP addresses, server providers, and so much more. Amusingly, they also say they've signed him up for Soundcloud Lite via his credit card.

But hey, it's 2012, everything's on the Internet, he'll understand.

Source: Gawker.com

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