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Becca Tobin Opens Up About Being Bullied in High School — and Reveals What’s Next for Kitty on Glee Season 4! Exclusive
Article by: Wetpaint.com
November 09, 2012

Glee Season 4’s latest addition, snarky Cheerio Kitty (Becca Tobin), is quickly turning into one of the worst bullies the show has seen. Yet, as it turns out, Becca herself has had plenty of experience with high school bullying. The difference? Becca was on the receiving end of all the threats and malicious jabs.

The Glee star recently announced her partnership with BullyVille.com, an anti-bullying website that uses social engagement to help teens realize they aren’t alone in their torment. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Becca about what inspired her to join the cause. Plus, Becca offered a bit of scoop on what we can expect to see from Kitty onGlee Season 4. Will she and Marley (Melissa Benoist) ever be about to put aside their differences and be friends?

Kitty is one of Glee’s newest "bullies," but back when you were in high school — you were on the receiving end of the bullying. What was that like?
It was definitely the worst part about high school for me. I transferred schools halfway through my senior year from a performing arts high school to a public one. I was already self-conscious about the fact that I was no longer surrounded by other kids that loved theatre, and on top of it, there was a group of girls who went out of their way to make me feel even more alienated. One girl in particular threatened to beat me up, and constantly made fun of me for what I loved to do. I graduated from high school on a pretty low note I would say. (I didn’t even walk at graduation!)

What made you want to partner with BullyVille.com?
I am a big advocate for anything that promotes anti-bullying, and this website in particular is the best in my opinion. It’s a place where people can open up about being bullied, and feel comfortable and supported by others who might be going through a similar thing. For me personally, I was embarrassed to admit to anyone how much the bullying upset me, and if this website had existed, I believe it would have really helped me through that time in my life.

What would you say to students who are currently being bullied? What would you hope that they kept in mind? 
I would tell them to stay strong, and remember that the bully is usually the one who feels the worst about themselves. Learn to love yourself, because as long as you do, the bully is powerless. I would also promise them that it gets much better!!

Will Kitty and Marley ever be friends — or will it always be more of a rivalry? 
I honestly don’t know, but I have faith that they will become friends. Marley is a sweet girl, and I think that deep down, Kitty is too. I think Kitty can learn a lot from Marley, and vice versa!

Are we ever going to see a softer side of Kitty? 
Eventually we will see a softer side of Kitty. After all, she is human. When it comes down to it, Kitty is like most high school mean girls… extremely insecure.

Source: Wetpaint.com

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