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Becca Tobin is taking Glee and the bullying world by storm?
Article by: Examiner.com
November 09, 2012

Becca Tobin joines forces with BullyVille.com

Did you know: Glee's new bad girl Becca Tobin is really a nice girl?!

The actress, who plays the evil cheerleader Kitty on the hit show has just joined forces with BullyVille.com, a website that helps bring awareness to those who are being bullied around the world. BullyVille's CEO James McGibney announced last night that Becca will be their new female spokesperson alongside their male one, Dj ASHBA of Guns N' Roses.

Turns out, Becca, unlike her character on the show who bullies others, was actually bullied herself growing up in high school, and picked on because of her singing and dance talents. Telling Examiner.com, Becca explains, "I changed schools halfway through my senior year, and dealt with a lot of bullying from a specific group of girls at the new school. I transferred from a performing arts high school, so the girls really enjoyed talking about what a “theatre nerd” or a “freak” I was. The only girlfriend I had at the new school started ignoring me, because the other girls threatened to kick her out of their clique if she didn't. I started skipping pep-rallies on Friday’s because I would sit alone and receive dirty looks and mean comments from the other girls. Being the new kid is difficult enough, but being bullied on top of it made it pretty miserable.”

Now by partnering-up with BullyVille, Becca is lending her voice to help others in need, and letting them know that it does get better!

For more information about BullyVille and Becca's new campaign go to:http://www.BullyVille.com

Source: Examiner.com

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