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Glee's Becca Tobin joins forces with anti-bullying website BullyVille.com
Article by: Yahoo! Voices
November 09, 2012


Tina Molly Lang

"Glee" starlet Becca Tobin, who portrays the conniving and bratty cheerleader Kitty is not quite the person you see on screen every week. Some fans of the show forget that the characters you play do not necessarily reveal the content of your character. Tobin presents the perfect example of this, recently concluding an EXTRA exclusive behind-the-scenes photoshoot with celebrity photographer Russell Baer where she traded in her Cheerio uniform for a t-shirt supporting a major anti-bullying website BullyVille.com.

Not only is Tobin lending her support on the topic but is proud to say she is their new female spokesperson. Turns out her reason for doing so isn't to support a cause that her character on the show is an antagonist for but because the cause hits home for her.

"I changed schools halfway through my senior year, and dealt with a lot of bullying from a specific group of girls at the new school. I transferred from a performing arts high school, so the girls really enjoyed talking about what a "theatre nerd" or a "freak" I was. The only girlfriend I had at the new school started ignoring me, because the other girls threatened to kick her out of their clique if she didn't. I started skipping pep-rallies on Friday's because I would sit alone and receive dirty looks and mean comments from the other girls. Being the new kid is difficult enough, but being bullied on top of it made it pretty miserable."

Bullyville is a website, helmed by former US Marine James McGibney, where bully victims can go online and share their story with others who are being bullied and through this process decrease the isolating effects. There is strength in numbers and a bully's biggest advantage is making the person feel weak, insecure or alone. Also included on the site is an added section of celebrities who have publicly announced to being bullied when they were younger to show that yesterday's victims of bullying are today's successors.

Tobin comments on her new alliance with Bullyville, "I am very excited about being the female spokesperson for BullyVille and helping others realize that it does get better and they are not alone!"

Source: Yahoo! Voices

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