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Stop The Bully Madness: Stars Speak Out In The Wake Of Amanda Todd’s Suicide
Article by: Celebzter
October 15, 2012

Last week the devastating story of Amanda Todd, who was subjected to the most cruel and senseless bullying, hit the headlines as it emerged that on Wednesday she took her own life.

She was just 15!

The teen had shared her story with a YouTube video she posted a month before her suicide, where she detailed her heart wrenching suffering at the hands of bullies. She posted the video in the hope that others, who were going through a similar experience, wouldn’t feel so alone.

That clip, according to her mother, will now become a powerful message for anti-bullying.

Something needs to change and bullying needs to stop, which is a sentiment that was echoed from a host of stars who provided us with these quotes in an effort to spread the message of stopping this madness. And that is what it is: Sheer madness.

Here is what some stars had to say to us in the wake of Amanda’s death…

“The story of Amanda Todd is incomprehensible and absolutely tragic!! I lose faith in humanity every time I hear a heartbreaking story like this! Why could we not stop this from happening???? The signs were there and tons of kids knew about what was happening to this poor girl! I am sickened and feel enraged.” – Mary Zilba, The Real Housewives of Vancouver

“Stop bullying! The Amanda Todd story kills me. Together we can make a difference.” – Dj Ashba

“What happened is so upsetting and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family. We need to put a stop to bullying now!” -Ricky J, from Oxygen Channel’s Bad Girls Club

“The Amanda Todd story is just tragic. This is why we must come together and take a stand against bullying within our society, and the exact reason why I created BullyVille.com – a website where people can read stories from others, including celebs, who have been victims of bullying, to help them through their own personal situations and know they are not alone; Nobody should ever feel alone or have to die because of bullying!” -James McGibney, founder of BullyVille.com

“It’s so sad to see someone as young as Amanda feel that there’s only one option left! Parents shower your children with love everyday! Get involved in their choices! Internet, hobbies, schools, friends! You are the parent so stand strong and your child will do the same!” -Jody Thompson, actor in the upcoming Barry Levinson thriller, The Bay.

“This is sheer madness.  This beautiful girl tried so hard to live down one single mistake (and haven’t we all been there at one time or another?)  Bullying, whether physical, verbal, emotional or cyber, should be met with the utmost severity and should be punished to the full extent the law allows.  And if the laws aren’t tough enough, change the laws.  It is, tragically, too late for Amanda Todd, but I do believe that progress is being made albeit slowly in the area of public awareness and non-tolerance of bullying and that many victims are able now to stand, tell their stories and triumph over cruelty.  I wish that had been the fate for Amanda.” -Carolyn Hennesy from HBO’s True Blood

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Amanda Todd. What an injustice to lose such an obviously sensitive and intelligent young woman. I hope that other victims of bullying and depression can realize that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem: it does get better. It is our job, as mentors and adults, to make sure we reach those in despair by fighting to put an end to this kind of abuse.”-actress Susan Graham

“Amanda Todd’s story is incredibly sad and unnecessary, and unfortunately it is not the only story like this. Amanda tried to be strong and stand up, but sometime the pressure can become too much. We have to keep talking to our kids and teaching them to respect themselves and respect each other until they understand the effect they can have. Hopefully we can learn from Amanda and finally see that we need to make a change. “- Charley Koontz from NBC’s COMMUNITY

It is unnecessary and it’s heartbreaking.

And this is why….also, please do head over to BullyVille.com, they are making a tremendous difference.

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