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Banana Fusion Inteviews James McGibney
Article by: Banana Fusion
June 08, 2012

James McGibney, founder of the site Cheaterville.com, as well as other sites including Cupidville, Karmaville and most recently Bullyville. Although perhaps best known for the Cheaterville.com site, James talks about his most recent project, Bullyville.com, which features celebrities and other people who share their own experiences of being bullied when they were young. James shares his rationale and motivation for creating these sites, and his journey from being a U.S. Marine to becoming a social media mogul.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up and what did you study?

I was born and raised in New York, was a complete and total loner. Not really by choice, I was just an awkward kid. I was a nerd who tried to pretend I was anything but a nerd.

Ok i have to ask, how did you come up with the idea CheatersVille.com and how long did take you to finish this project and launch it?

I was in the Marine Corps on an overseas deployment with a good friend of mine. We came back only to discover that his wife had been having an affair during the entire deployment. I thought to myself, doesn’t everyone have the right to know if someone is cheating on them? I launched it on Valentine’s Day of last year.

What’s the status of your site now, compared to when you first launched it?

What an experience. I don’t think it’s shocking to anyone that cheating is a huge problem in this country, or any country for that matter. Look at the covers of 5 mainstream magazines in the supermarket, four of them will most likely have a celebrity cheating scandal on it. What is shocking is how quickly CheaterVille.com has become the largest ousted cheating database in the world. Millions of people in the current dating pool (which has some murky water by the way) use CheaterVille.com as a resource. They want to make sure the person they’re getting ready to invest some time in doesn’t have a history of being a player/habitual cheater.

That is impressive, so after CheaterVille.com, you launched many sites and the most recent is BullyVille.com… What does each site mean to you personally?

This past year has been quite an emotional journey. CheaterVille was launched first, and it immediately burst onto the scene. Even though it was started with the best of intentions, there’s always going to be a negative undertone to it. Cheating always brings out the raw, unbridled emotion out of a victim, read a few of the posts and you’ll quickly understand why. I then launched CupidVille.com, which had one purpose. We are the first (and still) the only dating website in the world that ties into an anti-cheating database. You cannot become a member of CupidVille if you are listed as an alleged Cheater on CheaterVille. Around Christmas I really started to pay attention to Karma. I looked at my beautiful wife and two gorgeous baby boys and felt truly blessed. I launched KarmaVille.com shortly thereafter; which allows users to post good and bad karma stories and share their own Karma experiences in life. We will also be launching a donation initiative shortly to help those less fortunate. The final Ville, at least for this year, is BullyVille. I’ve always felt that actions speak louder than words, so within the first week of launch we shut down an internet revenge porn website called “Isanyoneup.com” Google it, your jaw will hit the ground, a very dangerous website. We also brought on Dj ASHBA, lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, to be our spokesman. He is a great friend of mine, and his personal bullying story on BullyVille.com has already been an inspiration to millions. I was ridiculously bullied as a kid, and you know what, it’s even happened as an adult. You either deal with it head on or keep letting it affect you. That’s so easy for an adult to say but so hard for a child to hear. Some people think that Bullying, in general, is a topic that has been blown way out of proportion by the media. If even one child commits suicide because they were bullied, then it needs to be a topic spoken by anyone and everyone and can never be discussed “too much.” BullyVille is by far the nearest and dearest to my heart and I want kids to know that they are not alone.

Does your wife support you with this? I mean basically your site can be bad news to many people.

Wow what a shift in mental gears going from my last answer to this question. Back into the murky water we go……….yes my wife 100% supports what I am doing, as do all of our family and friends. People who cheat hate CheaterVille, people who don’t cheat love and support the hell out of it!

What would you do if you ever saw your name in your site? And you fall a victim of a prank, since anyone can post on your site… what protection do you have?

Since day one, we have been consistent with our answer, CheaterVille is not judge nor jury on a post submitted. We encourage users to submit proof, including text messages, emails, voicemails or even videos to substantiate your claim. Having said that, there is one person I can be judge and jury on, myself because I don’t cheat on my wife. After any televised event about CheaterVille airs, posts come in day long about me. They’ll never go live because I know they are total bullsh*t. To take that a step further, posts about my wife and kids will never go live. I’ve had the media claim it’s a double standard, fair enough, they’re entitled to their opinion. They are more than welcome to go create their own anti-cheating website and can post me all day long.

Does it bother you knowing that your site CheaterVille.com have ruined the lives of many men and women out there?

So let me get this straight. My site has ruined people’s lives, is that what you’re inferring? I would have to respectfully disagree with that and so would the almost 1 million posts and comments on CheaterVille. The person’s life who was “ruined” is the person who was cheated on. It’s amazing how quickly the alleged cheater becomes the victim once they land on CheaterVille. No one ever wants to talk about the true victim in each post.

What type of response do you or have you got when people post in your site? Can they do anything legally to stop your site?

People who post an alleged cheater consistently tell us that it was very therapeutic for them. Keep in mind, the person who posted the alleged cheater can login to their account and make the post invisible at any time. 17% of subscribers who post a cheater end up making post invisible within 30 days. People who are posted on our site are usually pissed. They initially send us an email but then review our terms of service or our FAQ section and realize that we are no different than Facebook or Twitter. We did not post that information about them, therefor we are not held liable. Could you imagine if Facebook was held liable for anything anyone ever posted on their wall? The Internet would come to a screeching halt. The alleged cheater ultimately reaches out to the person who posted it and asks for it to be taken down.

How do you deal with haters?

Haters are a part of everyday life, it doesn’t matter what you do or who you are. I have “friends” in my life who are absolute haters behind my back. Haters motivate me……….thanks haters.

Being a former marine, I guess you don’t scare off pretty easily, have you ever gotten any threats and how did you deal with them?

Please refer to BullyVille for answer.

Ok, tell us a bit about BullyVille.com, it seems bullying is a big topic nowadays, many celebrities and public figures are working against it, how does your site fit in all this?

We have so many celebrity postings on BullyVille. It exposes a problem that affects everyone, including famous people. If you really think about it, most celebrities are bullied relentlessly. The media has definitely crossed the bullying line once or twice with certain celebrities.

And how do you know your message is getting out there?

Millions of hits in less than a month give me a definite indicator that our message is getting out there and I am so thankful to all of our fans and supporters, thank you!

Does it ever get you down and have you ever tried to help someone after hearing his or her story?

That’s why I try to not read posts, it can be very depressing to hear stories of how awful some people can treat each other. Any story about a person who decided to cheat on his wife while she had cancer is depressing to read.

Any final words?

That interview was very therapeutic, thank you.

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