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May 31, 2012

Over the past couple months the Internet has (surprisingly) changed from a sleazy place to post dirt on various people, to a much more useful space to help one another.

With websites such as TheDirty.com, STDCarriers.com, IHateMyBoss.com and IsAnyoneUp.com creating databases of harmful material that are leading individuals to feel embarrassed, lose their jobs, and much worse, think about killing themselves, comes a new website that is actually making the world a better placeā€¦ BullyVille.com.

Ever since BullyVille.com launched a couple months ago it has created a huge impact more than you would even know. First, the website hired Dj Ashba from Guns N' Roses to be their spokesperson, and got him for the first time ever reveal his emotional tale of being bullied as a child himself to the world. Then BullyVille.com did what sites such as Facebook and other couldn't, they used their money and power to start shutting down some of the harmful websites listed above including IsAnyoneUp.com, which made headline news on pretty much every major network around the world.

BullyVille.com's new billboard in Las Vegas
BullyVille.com's new billboard in Las Vegas
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In my mind, James McGibney, the owner of BullyVille.com and a former United States Marine, is doing more for the modern world than the Dalai Lama. Instead of preaching about peace and not harming each other, James is literally seeking out websites that are causing pain and bullying others, and simply doing what is right and shutting them down forever!

For those just cluing in now, BullyVille.com is a place where people and victims of bullying can go and read stories about others being bullied to help them through their own situations. The website contains thousands and thousands of real-life testimonials and features hundreds of celebs who have used the website to post their own anti-bullying messages.

With Memorial Day weekend just passing us by, we have a lot to be thankful for - for having this great country in which we live and the freedom to speak-out / protest when someone is doing us wrong. So instead of hurting each other online like many of us have done at one point in our lives, we need to help each other and move forward in a positive direction. We need to stop visiting the "bad sites" and start concentrating on all the good ones. The Examiner.com wants to thank James for all his service (both in the military and online) and highly recommends you check out his website as much as you can to keep the "good guys" in front at:http://www.BullyVille.com



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