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Isanyoneup.com, revenge porn website, shuts down after selling to anti-bullying group
Article by: National Post
April 23, 2012

National Post

National Post

Screenshot of Bullyville website -- where Isanyoneup.com now directs to -- featuring statement from Hunter Moore.

The owner of “revenge porn” website Isanyoneup.com has closed up shop after selling the domain to an anti-bullying group — which happens to be run by a man who owns a “cheaters beware” website accused of bullying.

IsAnyoneUp.com asked users to send pornographic pictures of their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, which were then posted online, along with the ex’s social media profile and snarky comments from the website’s owner.

The site’s owner, Hunter Moore, known by many as “the web’s most hated man,” said he was tired of the legal hassles and the underage pornography that was being submitted to him.

“I am burned out and I honestly can’t take another underage kid getting submitted and having to go through the process of reporting it and dealing with all the legal drama of that situation,” he wrote on a post on his website, which now redirects to Bullyville.com.

Moore, 30, told Gawker that some pictures featured children as young as nine and he forwarded everything to the proper authorities.

Bullyville says “IsAnyoneUp.com served no public good. That is why it is offline.”

Moore did not say how much he sold his website for, although he has been quoted as saying he was making $13,000 a month on the website, which he started more than a year ago. He says the website has received more than 500 million page views since it launched.

The infamous website blew up in notoriety over the last year, particularly after it was featured on Anderson Cooper’s talk show.

It appears it was that talk show that initiated the sale the Isanyoneup.com.

The founder of Bullyville, James McGibney, is also the founder of the controversial Cheaterville, which allows spurned lovers to name and flame alleged cheaters. He also appeared on Anderson’s show.

On Cheaterville, users can search for people by their real name to see if anyone has posted stories about potential paramours.

“Don’t be the last to know” is the website’s tagline.

McGibney addressed the obvious parallels between his website and Isanyoneup.com in a post on Bullyville.

“CheaterVille.com, is constantly accused of bullying. I disagree, as do the millions of people who use its free service,” he said. “CheaterVille.com provides a public service to people by warning them about the narcissistic and predatory individuals who use online dating sites to find innocent victims.”

Bullyville also announced its celebrity spokesperson as Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist DJ Ashba, who works for one very easy-going W. Axl Rose, earlier this week.

Moore announced his next venture will be We Party for a Cause, an event organizing service for charities.

Codie McLachlan / Edmonton Journal

Guns N' Roses lead guitarist DJ Ashba performing with Axl Rose in Edmonton during 2010. Ashba is the spokesperson for Bullyville.com.

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