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'TWILIGHT' STAR How DARE You Post My P*nis Pics!!!
Article by: TMZ
April 23, 2012

"Twilight" star Kiowa Gordon's penis is safe once again -- because the "revenge porn" site that published pics of the actor's nether regions has been taken offline ... following a full frontal legal attack.

The site -- IsAnyoneUp.com -- is known for "revenge" porn, allowing users to anonymously publish naked photos of anyone.

As for Kiowa Gordon -- pics of his naked body surfaced on the site earlier this week, showing the actor grabbing his genitals.

Kiowa immediately called his lawyers, who then fired off a cease and desist letter to the site.

The very next day, the website was purchased by an anti-bullying website -- BullyVille -- for an undisclosed sum, and now redirects to the BullyVille homepage.

It's unclear if Kiowa's cease and desist letter did the trick -- but we're told he's finally able to breathe ..... because the pics are gone ... for now.

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