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Billy Connolly
Abused by his dad
Posted By: Brent22
5/01/12 10:43 AM

Comedian Billy Connolly has been speaking of the physical and sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his late father. The Glasgow-born funnyman said he felt his father William, who died in the early 1980s, had been "disloyal" by subjecting him to sexual abuse from the age of ten. The revelation comes in a biography written by his wife, Pamela Stephenson - a fellow comedian who later became a trained psychologist. Connolly, 59, said his dark secret had been...


Danny Martinez
Remembers bullying during fights
Posted By: FIying
3/05/14 12:39 AM

Danny Martinez is an American mixed martial artist. He has competed in the WEC, TPF, TKO, XFC and Rage in the Cage promotions. In the latter, he is the current bantamweight champion. When not training for his own fights, he instructs over 100 local kids. He also uses his story of being bullied as a child to promote anti-bullying campaigns.He said that while in the cage, he fights like someone who’s been bullied. “It’ s like when I was in second grade and...
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