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Kaya Scodelario
Had to change schools
Posted By: chunked
12/11/12 10:50 AM

SKINS star Kaya Scodelario has revealed she had to change schools because she was so badly bullied. Kaya Scodelario is currently promoting new Brit-flick Shank, where she plays an angry young girl, Tash, out for revenge in the anti-knife-crime thriller. And the Skins star says she took on the role because it helped her remind her of where she's from. She said: “My best-friend’s boyfriend was stabbed in Stoke Newington a couple of months before I got offered the...


Quinton Aaron
Victim of bullying
Posted By: BlindNoMore
1/15/14 10:28 PM

The mountain-sized star of “The Blind Side’’ has kicked off a national anti-bullying campaign, revealing to Newmax TV’s Steve Malzberg that he was the victim of a group of school toughs growing up. “I want to become the president of anti-bullying,’’ Quinton Aaron said on “The Steve Malzberg Show’’ on Friday. Aaron says, "I don't shy away from the fact that I was bullied. Thankfully, I made the decision to change the direction of my life. It brought forward a positive outlook.“I...
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