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Jake Zeldin
Bullied for his stutter
Posted By: SetFair
11/11/13 10:54 PM

Jake Zeldin has struggled with a significant stutter all his life, but when he raps the stutter disappears! Toron to-based Jake Zeldin, aka Lil JaXe, has only been rapping for two years and already has the city talking. Listening to him rhyme, you would never know that he has a stutter or that he is just 14 years old. He has a talent and creativity well beyond his years that leaves his audiences speechless. His mother, Robyn Zeldin, says they worked with a...


Kim Kyung-ho
Bullied for his size
Posted By: MorningBird
11/14/13 1:39 AM

Rock singer Kim Kyung-ho let his guard down and stopped being so mysterious on the MBC talk show “Knee Drop Guru” on Thursday. He said he was bullied by fellow students when he was in high school because he was pale and skinny. “Some seniors tried to hug me or make me sit on their laps, and it was very humiliating,” said Kim. He said he had to be a lookout for seniors while they smoked so teachers wouldn’t catch them. He often smelled...
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