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Chris Colfer
Glee’s Chris Colfer: "I Was Definitely Bullied"
Posted By: DavidR
4/13/12 3:33 PM

Tomorrow's episode of Glee tackles bullying, and Chris Colfer, who plays gay teen Kurt Hummel, explains that the issue is very close to him. "I remember one time someone screamed 'fag' at me in the hallway," he says. The actor believes his show is doing something "important," and says his role as Kurt "means so much to so many people." This week, Colfer tells the New York Post, "the bullying just reaches a peak. Kurt gets fed up with it and...


Kang Minkyung
Bullied in high school
Posted By: Fate8
5/03/13 10:24 AM

Kang Minkyung is part of a South Korean pop-ballad duo called Davichi with Lee Haeri. The duo was formed in 2008 by Mnet Media. On the recent episode of KBS’s “Hello,” which was aired on April 22, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung revealed her past difficulty in high school. Kang Min Kyung stated, “When I was in high school, I moved and changed schools. As soon as I arrived at the new school, all the students ignored me.” She continued, “It was...
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