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Austin Drage
Mocked by classmates
Posted By: Pinholes
5/02/13 10:00 AM

Austin Drage, born in Grays, Thurrock, England, is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. Drage first started singing when he was very young and, while still at school, took part in musical theatre and amateur dramatics. After a spell in boy band 5Boyz, he auditioned and won a place in E4?s gender-swap reality show Boys will be Girls, aired in 2006. Drage has also been lead singer in a glam rock band called The Gunners. Drage became known to TV audiences when...


Luci Victoria
Picked on in school
Posted By: Fate8
5/03/13 10:21 AM

Luci Luci Victoria calls Sheffield -- an English city known for its cutlery -- home, but this sharp 31-year-old model seems to play in a world-size backyard. "My mom's side of the family lives in Cleveland, Ohio, but I was born in England," she says in an alluring, breathy voice. "All my friends are English, but people sometimes say that my accent is a mixture and that it's hard to place." Fresh from the plane and now in our Los...
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