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Dolly Parton
Teased for homemade jacket
Posted By: frost77
6/28/12 11:23 AM

In her writing, Dolly expresses her feelings and worries. She admits that her music works for her as a self-therapy. It always works well in difficult and happy times of her life. She wrote her song "Coat of Many Colors" after she had been bullied at school for wearing a coat her mother patched together. Expressing her feelings in songs works wonders, and Dolly Parton is one of the few celebrities who can describe herself as a happy and content...


Jake Humphrey
Subjected to horrific bullying
Posted By: TruthSpirit
4/05/13 10:55 AM

It’s safe to say he has confounded his critics and has established himself as one of the BBC’s most versatile presenters, having fronted coverage from the Beijing Olympics to the royal wedding. At 6ft 3in and boyishly handsome, you’d assume confidence has never been in short supply, but at school he was subjected to horrific bullying that left him unable to sleep and often in tears. “People always assume the weak and the useless get bullied and I am perfectly happy to...
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