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Winona Ryder
Winona's bully revenge
Posted By: BullyVille
3/31/12 8:20 PM

Winona Ryder got her revenge on a school bully when they asked her for an autograph as an adult. The American actress has revealed she was beaten up and taunted by bullies who said she looked like a boy when she was at middle school. However, Winona got her own back years later when one asked her for an autograph and she told her to "go f**k yourself". The 34-year-old star told Ticket newspaper: "I was wearing an old Salvation Army shop boy's...


Gurbaksh Chahal
Bullied for his culture
Posted By: Matrix774
2/08/13 9:18 AM

Gurbaksh Chahal dropped out of high school at 16 to become an entrepreneur. Find out how he went from bullied kid to multimillionaire 20-something. Gro wing up in gritty East San Jose, California, Gurbaksh Chahal struggled to fit in. Emigrating from India with his family at age 4, he wore a traditional head covering for Sikh children called a patka to school. It was just one cultural difference that his pint-sized peers bullied him about. But instead of succumbing to what he...
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