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Margaret Cho
"Now I thrive from my bullies"
Posted By: snapshot
5/21/12 11:36 AM

I was bullied pretty badly when I was a kid, the worst period falling between the ages of 10 and 14, I think. People tell me to get over it, and that I am an adult now, privileged and famous and constantly applauded not only in my primary field, stand-up comedy, but also in practically every endeavor I have chosen to devote myself to, from acting to burlesque bump-and-grind to songwriting. I am told I have no right to complain,...


Jameela Jamil
Radio 1 Chart show host Jameela Jamil was bullied as a teen
Posted By: NewSlang
1/21/13 7:29 AM

The new voice of the Top 40 is having the last laugh after years of emotional, physical and racial bullying. Former model Jameela Jamil, 26, who took over The Official Chart on Radio 1 this month, said she was called a “fat P***” at school. She said: “School was horrific for me, constantly an outcast for being a geek.” Insults were scrawled across her school locker in make-up and she said: “I’ve been every kind of bullied. “I look back at my school journals...
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