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Sophie Turner
Bullied as a teen
Posted By: Nifty
1/17/13 10:59 AM

There have been a lot of incredibly tragic stories in the media lately, about kids who have struggled so badly with bullying that they have resorted to suicide. Hearing these stories gives me the chills, puts a lump in my throat, fills my eyes with tears… It is just so terribly sad. I feel very strongly about bullying because I, myself, was bullied as a teen. The kids at my school used to tease me about everything. Being too...


Devyn Rush
Bullied in junior high
Posted By: UNlQUE
4/18/14 11:31 AM

Since being featured on American Idol and winning the hearts of viewers from all over the world, Devyn Rush has emerged as a powerhouse singer whose versatile and sultry vocals breathe spirituality, color, and depth into her art. Rush’s music is an extremely unique mix of raw, gritty soul and theatrical purity. Her fearless passion for music and deep desire to see every child safe and in a bully-free environment, can be felt during every live performance and every...
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