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Katy Perry
Taped down breasts
Posted By: Curious
4/13/12 11:29 AM

Perry, who is an icon of many, had her own fair share of bullying while growing up. Like many girls who mature before other classmates, she grew breasts in the sixth grade and was taunted the entire year and was give the nickname, “Over-the-shoulder boulder.” She began taping her breasts down until she turned 19! Thank God she came to her senses. She now embraces her curves in sexy outfits on music videos.


Bryan McFadden
Bullied for weight
Posted By: jetter
12/13/12 10:37 AM

"I was bullied throughout my schooldays for being overweight, but in some ways it helped me. "It hurt me a lot, especially as a youngster, but eventually I just got so used to being knocked. "Because I got bullied so much, I actually worked on my confidence and somehow managed to build up my self-esteem. "Rightly or wrongly, I learned to accept the bullying and it made me a better person in the long run. "Even though it hurt, it...
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