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Sanjaya Malakar
Kids at school thought he was gay
Posted By: popthis
9/19/12 1:38 PM

Before he amassed an army of Fanjayas, before he brought the Crying Girl to hysterical tears, before he rocked that ponyhawk-seen-round- the-world ... what was Sanjaya Malakar really like? "I can honestly say I was obnoxious," the recently axed American Idol contestant says of his early high school years near Seattle. "I was annoying. I would take my guitar to school every day and sit in the back of chemistry class singing and playing," he recalls with his famously impish grin....


Iman Bowie
Bullied for her long neck
Posted By: slingshot
9/21/12 9:06 AM

Supermodel Iman was bullied as a child because of her long neck and admits she is still "neurotic" about it. The Somalian-born wife of rock icon David Bowie tried to hide her most prominent feature when she first arrived in America, even though everyone was fascinated by her unique look. The 50-year-old says, "Lots of Somalis have very long necks, but mine is unusually thin so I was really picked on. I used to wear my collar up to try...
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