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Alexia Fast
‘Blackbird’ star recalls being bullied
Posted By: JerryBerry
5/09/13 7:44 AM

TORONTO – As she played a high school student who hangs out with a pack of bullies in the new Canadian film “Blackbird,” Vancouver-raised rising star Alexia Fast was all too familiar with the pain of the victim. “I was like, ‘Oh, I remember this,’” Fast, who plays pretty in-crowd member Deanna, said in a recent interview. “Dea nna is popular and she kind of conforms and I kind of modelled her after some of the people that bullied me in high school.” Jason. ..

Tony Senzamici
Bullying does not stop as kids it even progresses as we move into adulthood.
Posted By: TonySenzamici
5/09/13 9:08 AM

Currently starring on the HBO series Treme as Capt. Jack Maletesta and on the STARZ Network show Magic City. Also this summer, he will be starring on the hit USA Network program, Graceland. I remember being in 7th grade and watched several instances of bullying to a classmate that still to this day makes me cringe. This one guy known to be a bully would literally make one of our classmates stand against a wall and make him raise his arms...
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