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Alan Carr
Bullied in school
Posted By: Chippy
11/12/12 8:13 AM

Growing up a plump, bespectacled, gay teen (‘with braces’ he points out, helpfully), in a town like Northampton would not have been easy. For years, he says, he never wanted to go back - not even to stick two fingers up at the boys who bullied him. That attitude has mellowed, however. ‘I was a bit stupid really. When I started out it was “Huh, Northampton, I’m not going back there.” When I finally did a book signing they were...

Harry Shum Jr
Wasn't always accepted
Posted By: doozy
11/23/12 8:59 AM

Raised in numerous places and moving frequently, Shum wasn’t always accepted. He was teased and physically bullied, just like many of the characters on the show. He also struggled with numerous language barriers after coming to the United States, having learned Spanish — not English — as his first language. In fact, English was not even Shum’s second language, as his parents both spoke Chinese to Shum while he was growing up. Needless to say, Shum’s language barriers, as well...
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