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Drew Brees
Bullied for his birthmark
Posted By: MADLY
11/28/12 10:46 AM

NFL star Drew Brees said in a CNN interview that he was bullied as a kid because of his facial birthmark. The New Orleans Saints quarterback says that growing up with a birthmark, he “got all kinds of comments when I was a kid, about wipe that whatever off your face. They were trying to be malicious, they were trying to be hurtful.” The mole, which Oprah Winfrey once mistook for lipstick and attempted to wipe off (um, awkward), has been...

Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky and the lasting price of shame
Posted By: Lewinsky
4/06/15 8:03 PM

MONICA LEWINSKY WAS sitting in a Manhattan auditorium several weeks ago watching teenage girls perform a play called Slut. She was wiping away tears. In the scene, a young woman was seated in an interrogation room. She had been asked to describe, repeatedly, what had happened on the night in question — when, she said, a group of guy friends had pinned her down in a taxi on the way to a party and sexually assaulted her. She had reported them....
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