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Priyanka Chopra
I Was Bullied in High School for Being Browny: Priyanka Chopra
Posted By: Kris10
9/10/12 8:51 AM

Former Miss World turned actress Priyanka Chopra, who has huge fans following all over the world, surprised many by admitting that she was bullied in high school and had low self-esteem. Priy anka was in Delhi as the final speaker at the India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit where she addressed hundreds of students. During the event the actress recalled her journey from being a "gawky imperfect child" to Bollywood star. She was just 13 when she attended her high school in Boston...

Sterling Scott
Bullied for his darker skin
Posted By: INvolved
1/01/14 10:39 PM

Sterling Scott is a full time Comedian who has dedicated his life to making others laugh. But long before he became a headlining comic he was faced with the prejudice of being 'JUST BLACK.' Growing up he was made fun of for having darker skin than his friends and even own family. And while on the road to becoming a full time comic he was looked down on time and time again for being black. 'Black guys are just naturally...
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