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Wendy Harmer
Kids called her Eagle Beak
Posted By: Comforts
1/21/13 9:22 AM

The daughter of Graham Frederick Brown and Margaret Elsie Brown (née Wicks), Harmer grew up in small country towns in Victoria, including Bendigo, Selby, and Geelong, where she studied Journalism at the Gordon Institute of Technology and became a reporter at the Geelong Advertiser. Her journalistic career took her to Melbourne, where she worked for The Sun newspaper and was introduced to a comedy group performing at the Flying Trapeze comedy venue. This group included Ian McFadyen, Mary-Anne Fahey, Peter...

Penny Wong
Racially and sexually vilified
Posted By: Haystack
1/22/13 10:39 AM

Penelope "Penny" Ying-yen Wong is an Australian senator representing South Australia, is the Commonwealth Minister for Finance and Deregulation. Wong is a member of the Labor Party and member of the Australian federal cabinet. Wong is the first Asian-born federal minister, as well as the first openly lesbian member of the Australian cabinet. Before entering Parliament, Penny Wong was a barrister and solicitor in Adelaide and an adviser to the Carr Government in New South Wales. Born in Malaysia, racially vilified at...
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