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Pierre Dulaine
Didnt smile very much as a boy
Posted By: BlastOff
9/28/12 9:25 AM

“My childhood had a big impact on what I do now,” says Pierre, who speaks with a strong French accent. “I was shy and timid as a child. “When I came to England I spoke with an accent, I had half a tooth and kids made fun of me, so I didn’t smile much. “I only had one or two friends and one suggested I went to dance classes with her on the Coventry Road in Small Heath. “I went and something stirred within...

Natalie Dormer
Bullied in school
Posted By: BottledUp
10/01/13 12:04 PM

Natalie Dormer is most definitely a promising actress. She caught everybody`s attention with her rendition of Anne Boleyn in the Tudors and she has a lot of aces up her sleeve. Although the Tudors and the Game of Thrones series made her popular among television aficionados, Natalie Dormer continues to surprise us all with the news that she will also be starring in the next season of Hunger Games. Growing up wasn`t all sunshine and rainbows for Natalie. She was bullied...
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