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Wayne Sleep
Bullied for dancing
Posted By: poles
8/27/12 12:06 PM

‘My stepfather never spoke to me. He was not of my essence is the diplomatic way to put it. I’ve kept quiet about it until now mostly for the sake of my half-sister but she doesn’t mind me talking about it now,’ he confessed. He deeply resented stepdad Stanley for coming into his life as an ‘intruder’ after spending the first four years of his life with beloved mum Joan in Plymouth. ‘I had been getting all of the attention and now...

Kevyn Aucoin
Bullied for sexual orientation
Posted By: Koncepts
8/20/13 10:58 AM

Aucoin was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, to parents Isidore Adrian Aucoin and Thelma Suzanne Melancon, who adopted him as an infant through Catholic Charities of Alexandria, Louisiana He had three siblings, Carla, Kim, and Keith, all of whom were adopted as well. Aucoin was interested in makeup from the time he was a child, and frequently did his sisters' makeup and photographed the results with a Polaroid camera—something he'd do throughout his career. Afraid...
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