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Cliff Richards
Gang beaten in school
Posted By: Flocker
9/25/12 11:36 AM

I looked different and I came from a different background, and as soon as people realised I came from India, the other young kids kept saying "when are you gonna go back to your wigwam?". I used to get jumped on regularly and had to just fight back all the time. There were groups of kids that would gang up on me, and that happened a lot, to start with. I remember rubbing one boy's hand raw to the bone on the...

Pierre Dulaine
Didnt smile very much as a boy
Posted By: BlastOff
9/28/12 9:25 AM

“My childhood had a big impact on what I do now,” says Pierre, who speaks with a strong French accent. “I was shy and timid as a child. “When I came to England I spoke with an accent, I had half a tooth and kids made fun of me, so I didn’t smile much. “I only had one or two friends and one suggested I went to dance classes with her on the Coventry Road in Small Heath. “I went and something stirred within...
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