Fun & Games

Bully Golf

Everyone loves to try to hit the golf ball pickup tractor at the driving range. Give it a shot against Nelson or upload your own image and try to knock some good Karma into someone you know! See if you have what it takes to get a hole in one.

Bully Shuffle

Where did the Bully go? Come join us at the BullyVille bar and figure out which cup Nelson is hiding under. After a few levels of play, you'll start wondering if you're intoxicated.

Bully Shoot Out Game

This wildly popular game is all about Karma and paint Ball has never been so much fun. Take your best shot, who do you think deserves a shot of good Karma?

Bully Boxing

Take a shot at the BullyVille title while you try to knock out all the Bullies and dish out some much needed "hands-on" justice.

Whack A Bully Game

Knock some lighthearted sense into these schoolyard bullies. Upload your own image for some real fun!

CheaterU Beer Pong

A college favorite, beer pong is harder than most people think! Give it your best shot, but be forewarned, the CU Honey Badger hates to lose!

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