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December 30, 2014
Views: 3,826,599

Neal Rauhauser, who currently has at least four outstanding warrants for his arrest, as of today, is $57,160.83 behind on his child support payments. We are offering our assistance to the State of Nebraska in an effort...



January 18, 2014
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Thomas C. Retzlaff is a vexatious litigant from the San Antonio, Texas area. He has a lengthy criminal record (convicted felon) and an extensive pro se litigation history. He, and his 'sock' accounts, have a well-documented history...


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12-Year-Old Harlem Boy Bullied to Death
Another teen takes their life after he couldn’t stand being bullied another minute. Joel Morales, from East Harlem, was only 12 years old when he took his life. Joel was bullied constantly, it got so bad that the bullies wouldn’t just bully him at school, they would even show up at his house to harass him.
June 01, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,364,285
Combat Bullying by Building Positive Peer Pressure
Jim West is a Licensed Mental Health Male Counselor, Nation Certified Counselor – Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Expert who is a bullying expert. When dealing with bullying, his method is to combat it by building positive peer pressure.
May 31, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,365,631
10 Tips for Parents If Your Child is Bullied
We hear about parents getting involved with their kids being bullied in the news weekly; parents going to the school to yell at the bully and some have gone as far as to physically assault the bully.
May 30, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,365,200
Dear Bully
Poems have long been an effective means to reach deep into our souls and really spark something from inside of us. This week, a husband wrote the staff at BullyVille and wanted to share a poem about bullying that his wife had written.
May 29, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,366,843
2012 National Exemplary Bullying Program Award
Most schools have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying, but how many of those schools actually are successful with reducing the amount of bullying that happens on campus?
May 29, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,364,600
The Bully or The Bullied?
Growing up, almost everyone can remember being bullied, being the bully or simply seeing the bullying take place. It seems that it was only natural to figure out where we fit in. Who is most likely to be the bully? Who is most likely to be the bullied?
May 28, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,365,476
New Innovative Anti-Bullying Program
Two Year 10 girls from Australia, Inez Playford and Piper Stewart, have succeeded in enlightening young kids about bullying and its affects. The girls were both victims of bullying in primary school and know first hand how horrible it can be.
May 24, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,366,371
Teen Suspended For Anti-Bullying Video & Fake Facebook with Fake Teen Suicide
When a freshman in high school was assigned to create a project about an important issue, it backfired and resulted in school suspension.
May 23, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,367,413
50 Cent Promotes Anti-Bullying Book "Playground," Admits He Was A Bully
50 Cent appeared on "The Today Show" this morning and spoke about why fatherhood prompted him to change his views on bullying and teen violence.
May 22, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,369,926
Bullying at Home
Where does bullying begin? When you think of bullying, does the playground usually come to mind? This is true for most people, but have you ever stopped and thought that maybe the bullying is occurring before the kids even reach the playground? Before they even step foot onto the bus?
May 22, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,368,277
Bullying Survival Tips
What can you do if you are being bullied at school? Are there any tips or advice out there that can help the victims get through these tuff times? Kidshealth.org has shared their “Bullying Survival Tips” to help someone to combat psychological and verbal bullying. These tips are also good to share with a friend to show your support.
May 21, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,367,548
Former Rutgers University student sentenced to 30 days in jail.
A New Jersey judge has sentenced a former Rutgers University student accused of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate's love life to a 30-day probationary jail term.
May 21, 2012 - By BullyVille Staff - Views: 5,366,959
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