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Who is Collin Retzlaff and what's his role with "The.Klansman"?
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March 19, 2015
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A grand jury subpoena has revealed that the IP address assigned to "the.klansman" email address is under the COX internet account owned by Collin Retzlaff. The following link outlines, in great detail, some of the horrific comments and posts that were made by "the.klansman". Per Collin's own notarized affidavit, he was fully aware that his father, convicted felon, court documented rapist and alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff was using his internet connection to harass and stalk women, yet he continues to do nothing about it.

One of the aliases linked to "the.klansman" has made the following comments (keep in mind Collin is a military police officer and a Arizona certified police officer according to his own ASU profile). Assuming that his father, and not Collin, made these comments, it's disturbing how a military police officer would allow this to continue.

"I'm a sex offender and this is exactly why I refuse to register. I haven't registered in the ten years since I got out of jail. Cops can't find me. They can blow me. Children have far more to fear from people that know them then random strangers."

"I never mess with permits or applications, I just go out and get a gun. I could careless about the law or the pigs. I do what I want and if you try to stop me...well, it's a good thing I got me a whole bunch of guns!"

"I like child porn and I'm totally in favor of people looking at pictures".

"To any FEDS reading this - I will kill you first and worry about the repercussions later once we sort out who's whom". 

Here is the link which contains Collin Retzlaff's notarized affidavit, along with the grand jury subpoena and just a small sampling of the comments made by "the.klansman".


Here is yet another link which ties directly into Thomas Retzlaff's gamer profile "Kklansman".



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Posted By: likefather | 3/19/15 2:16 PM
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Posted By: deptofhomeland | 3/19/15 2:29 PM
Did you forward this to homeland security? Sending it to them so they are aware.
Posted By: forever | 3/20/15 6:56 AM
Does Collin have a girlfriend? Every girl that this guy dates should be aware of the sick relationship that he has with his dad. Whatever you do, make sure you don't use the bathroom at his house or your pictures will be on the internet.
Posted By: id10t | 3/20/15 3:02 PM
Nice comment retzlaff "To any FEDS reading this - I will kill you first and worry about the repercussions later once we sort out who's whom".
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