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Thomas Retzlaff 100% Verified as "The Klansman".
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March 13, 2015
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Convicted felon, court documented rapist and alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff, who also has an outstanding warrant for his arrest, has been 100% confirmed as "the klansman". This email address and alias has threatened to rape women and carry out other acts of violence such as the following statement within an email he sent. "If I ever get a chance to kill a homosexual I would do so". He even threatened to rape a woman "until she bleeds" and "I'd rape and murder her in a heartbeat". And if that weren't bad enough, he used his son's Internet connection to harass these innocent people. Way to land your son in the middle of an investigation, what a great dad. Than again, between this and posting naked images of your own daughter all over the web, you've proven just how great of a dad you really are.


For anyone interested in other comments Retzlaff made with his Klansman account, here you go:


Lastly, here is everything else you need to know about this racist, convicted felon, court documented rapist and alleged pedophile who currently has an outstanding warrant for his arrest.


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