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March 12, 2015
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For the millions of fans who have used CheaterVille as a dating resource tool since 2011, thank you for your continued support. CheaterVille has helped to protect and inform millions of people, especially women, of the many dangers that lurk within the online dating world. We recently had a post from a woman who had met someone on a popular dating site and was getting ready to meet him in person for the first time after nearly a month of online chats and numerous phone calls. She heard about CheaterVille after watching an episode about infidelity on Dr. Phil (https://vimeo.com/58598138) and conducted a quick cheater check and discovered that the man she met online had been posted 8 separate times on CheaterVille from unsuspecting victims. He was married with 3 kids and had a prior conviction for rape.


As with any website that becomes popular (if you Google the word “cheater” there are about 19,800,000 results, CheaterVille is #4) it attracts the good, the bad and the ugly. For example, last year we discovered something that was so unbelievable that it took some time to even process and comprehend. Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com) who is a convicted felon, a court documented rapist and alleged pedophile, attempted to post naked images of his own daughter on CheaterVille. He illegally obtained those naked images of his own daughter with the use of a hidden camera.  Fortunately, we don’t allow naked images, nor pictures of children on CheaterVille, as a matter of fact, CheaterVille doesn’t even allow curse words, therefore those photos never went live. However, as we continued to investigate Mr. Retzlaff, we discovered that he had made numerous posts on CheaterVille about additional women which he was ruthlessly stalking and under the false pretense that they had cheated on him. Unfortunately, Mr. Retzlaff had successfully posted those illicitly obtained naked images of his daughter on other websites. Bullyville, however, went after the owners of those revenge porn websites and, as a result, they are no longer in existence.  Revenge porn is bad enough, however, posting naked images of your daughter all over the web is as reprehensible and unforgiveable as it is unfathomable. Thomas Retzlaff’s daughter now has a permanent restraining order in place against him and there is currently a warrant for his arrest. His last known address was 8312 West Elm Street, Phoenix AZ 85037. You can learn more about Thomas Retzlaff at www.thomasretzlaff.com.

Neal Rauhauser, who currently has four outstanding warrants for his arrest, is believed to be a close associate of Retzlaff's. Each of Rauhauser's four outstanding warrants involve stalking and/or harassment. Mr. Rauhauser has quite a past, which includes allegations of physical abuse towards women (his ex-wife, in particular) and SWATting his perceived enemies. Rauhauser currently owes his ex-wife, who survived not one, but two bouts with cancer, over $60,000 in back child support payments dating back THIRTEEN YEARS. Neal has been on the run for much of the past half-decade and has proven elusive to pin down to a physical location. Rauhauser once boasted about having detached himself from a physical address and thus he was not able to be tracked. It is believed that Rauhauser does not possess any form of state issued ID, and relies on public transportation. If anyone knows the physical location of Neal Rauhauser, please contact Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services at (402) 441-8715 or their toll free number 877 631-9973. You can learn more about Neal Rauhauser at www.neal-rauhauser.com or www.deadbeatdads.exposed.


All traffic destined for www.cheaterville.com will be re-routed directly to this article until further notice. While we still strongly believe in the need for a platform for victims to expose cheaters, for the immediate future, we will be focusing our resources and energy towards exposing online stalkers, rapists, pedophiles and deadbeat dads who use the Internet as a weapon, especially towards children. Time and again, Bullyville has demonstrated its extreme repugnance against those who engage in the despicable practice of revenge porn (http://www.bullyville.com/?page=recon). Our actions have always spoken louder than our words, which is why most of those revenge porn sites are no longer in business. We are going to do everything within our power to ensure that both Thomas Retzlaff and Neal Rauhauser are held accountable for their inexcusable actions and are confident that the millions of fans of CheaterVille and BullyVille will join us in our cause.


If you have been the stalking victim of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff (there are currently 32 confirmed cases) please contact us at [email protected].


If anyone knows the current location of Neal Rauhauser, please contact either the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (they handle delinquent child support payments) or feel free to contact Bullyville directly at [email protected].


If you are as outraged as we are that a #deadbeatdad can ignore his obligations and fall behind 13 years on child support payments, feel free to contact the Office of the Inspector General here:


If you have been the victim of stalking, online harassment and/or bullying, please feel free to share your story here: http://www.bullyville.com/?page=my_story.

Will be posting an update shortly: James McGibney, founder, Bullyville. http://www.jamesmcgibney.com


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Posted By: Holyshit | 3/12/15 8:03 AM
Bravo #teambullyville these SCUMBAGS need to be tossed in the slammer for life.
Posted By: USMCPRIDE | 3/12/15 9:07 AM
#teambullyville #chinuphornsdown #prisonforrauhauser #backtoprisonforretzlaff
Posted By: JoJoJoCamp | 3/12/15 8:08 AM
Why isn't Joseph Camp included in this article? He is the biggest woman stalker of all. Search for Joseph Camp on the internet and you will see, he hates women.
Posted By: LawyerSueBasko | 3/12/15 8:25 AM
I attorney Sue Basko find this Cheaterville web page article to be morally ethical. I am an ethical lawyer and this was an ethical move.
Posted By: LOOOOOL | 3/12/15 8:55 AM
Posted By: Loooooooossseeerrrrr | 6/13/15 5:45 PM
No such thing as an ethical lawyer. All lawyers are scum just like Cheaterville. If the site was so popular why is it so longer active? Because of the plethora of lawsuits and plethora of threats received against its owners because users were posting lie after lie about people who were victims of whackos they met online.

If people want to date online and meet a bad person and get hurt that's on you. There are too many sites where people can do background checks on anyone and I do mean anyone. Bottom line take care of your self and you will have no need for idiot web-sites like Cheaterville.
Posted By: CrazyBasko | 6/15/15 8:10 AM
Well glad to see you made a comment Sue Crazy Sauce Basko. Wiling to bet that if Bullyville looked at the log files for the IP for this comment they would see from LA through Time Warner Cable.
Posted By: Irontroll | 3/12/15 8:35 AM
I hereby bestow upon you marine the coveted title of iron troll of the decade. Neal and Tom are spooning each other.
Posted By: Twitterrage | 3/12/15 8:58 AM
Rage harder twitter nerds. LOL, that's Retzlaffs favorite saying. He's raging hard with a can of Crisco and some JC Penny bra and panty cut outs right now.
Posted By: RWAHAGS | 3/12/15 8:59 AM
Taking bets that Jennifer Dalessando, Lora Lusher, Tami Vaher and Sue May Wong are crying to their lord and master neal rauhauser this very instant. Retzlaff won't give a shit because he's stalking each of them, they just don't know it yet.
Posted By: Fourwarrants | 3/12/15 9:03 AM
You are incorrect about one Rauhauser statement. He is about to have a fifth warrant and it's federal for his arrest. Not sure if that is public or not. Neal ran @occupyrebellion and @missanonnews and thought attacking people online was fun. Still having fun Neal?
Posted By: Kingpin | 3/12/15 9:04 AM
Rauhauser is in Nebraska. And Pamela Whitten who lives in Ohio is very close to Neal. You guys need to get her into a deposition she will sing like a canary.
Posted By: USMCPRIDE | 3/12/15 9:06 AM
Good job Marine. Retzlaff sounds like a typical pedophile and Rauhauser is someone I know well. He is to much of a coward to come to New Jersey. Make sure you post the court date in Texas, plenty of people in law enforcement would like to say hello to him.
Posted By: TheNobleOne | 3/12/15 9:07 AM
agreed, good job James, a very noble move. Bullying is a much more relevant cause, although my ex cheated on me and I hope he catches incurable crabs that bite his balls for the rest of his crappy life. Shit, I miss cheaterville already.
Posted By: bringitback | 3/12/15 9:08 AM
Hey @thenobleone, I am going to start an online petition to bring back cheaterville. I am part of the beyhive and we are bout to swarm, BRING BACK CHEATERVILLE.
Posted By: betrayedspouse | 3/12/15 2:22 PM
I will sign this petition!
Posted By: Mehie | 3/13/15 10:19 AM
Where is the petition? I will sign it as well. If there isn't one we should create one immediately. BRING BACK CHEATERVILLE.
Posted By: bloodsport | 3/14/15 9:57 AM
BAD IDEA, DO NOT BRING BACK CHEATERVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: anotherissue | 3/16/15 11:38 AM
I'm 50/50 on this one.
Posted By: Coyotied | 3/19/15 10:11 AM
Keep bullyville but not cheaterville.
Posted By: sandy0 | 4/23/15 2:05 PM
Posted By: mybarapp | 3/25/15 7:31 AM
I looked for the petition, anyone have a link?
Posted By: Khobar | 3/30/15 2:07 PM
Bring back cheaterville .... Its a great website
Posted By: werenotgonnatakeit | 3/24/17 1:49 PM
Posted By: 13Years | 3/12/15 9:12 AM
I was looking forward to posting my husband, soon to be ex husband who is a cheating pig but came to this site instead. This article really pisses me off and I'll tell you why. These men are what is wrong with our society. They have no respect for their children and hate women. I was on that retzlaff site for the past hour and cried reading it. He raped his wife and molested his children and her friends. Why would any prison ever let him out? This Neal character is 13 years behind on child support? Why is he not in prison? My dad pulled the same shit on us but we lived in Michigan and the state opened up a can of whopeass on him. One can only hope these guys rot in hell.
Posted By: Cheers | 3/12/15 9:16 AM
Same here! I read this story twice so sad however this is right in bullyvilles wheelhouse. My daughter was posted on that stupid Isanyoneup? site. The police were involved and hunter sent an email back telling them to f*ck off. Nobody did anything or gave a shit about it. I get a call at work from my daughter oneday and went to the site and it went to bullyville. I was a fan from that point forward. The owner gets a ton of shit but he's got balls to go after these f*cktards so god bless him.
Posted By: LOOOOOL | 3/12/15 9:18 AM
Posted By: Sticks | 3/12/15 9:20 AM
I have been following this story closely. Retzlaff is a criminal stalker so is Rauhauser and they work for the super duper corrupt attorney in Texas, Jeffrey Dorrell. James like you've said many times #chinuphornsdown, you cannot give into these crooks. They are the ultimate bullies. They bully women, they bully children, they bully lawyers, they bully judges they are due for some delicious karma so feed them accordingly.
Posted By: Katherine | 3/12/15 9:23 AM
May God bless you and your family James. I was attacked by the kate haters for simply sending a positive tweet to her. Next thing I know, I'm being attacked on twitter and soon on their RWA blog. Twitter wouldn't help, the blog hosting company wouldn't help and the police rolled their eyes. You were the only person who saw what was happening and helped. From the bottom of my heart thank you James.
Posted By: ZiLeO | 3/12/15 9:30 AM
There is a noticeable lack of activity by law enforcement when it comes to cyber stalkers and online harassment. It's good that somebody (Bullyville) is trying to do something about internet crime.
Posted By: JailforHunterMoore | 3/12/15 9:32 AM
I respect what McGibney does, he help the helpless. Just read the affidavit that Retzlaffs daughter submitted against him, he is a pedophile. http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/BrittanyRetzlaffAffidavit1_1.pdf
Posted By: Bravo | 3/12/15 9:36 AM
I second that.
Posted By: waffl | 3/12/15 9:38 AM
I'm glad cheaterville is gone. My ex used cheaterville to cyberbully my friend.
Posted By: betrayedspouse | 3/20/15 9:02 AM
Of course you mean the "friend" you were cheating on your ex with, right?
Posted By: JailforHunterMoore | 3/12/15 9:39 AM
Looks like Hunter Moore is going to prison for a minimum of two years. Nice job Bullyville. I was reading some of the posts on http://www.thomasretzlaff.com and now I see why you have cheaterville traffic coming here. That guy should be castrated.
Posted By: iHate | 3/12/15 9:40 AM
Was just reading about this POS. If you think about it retzlaff is worse. Hunter is a douchebag for running a revenge porn site but this sleazebag posted his own flesh and blood on the site.
Posted By: DevilJen | 3/12/15 9:42 AM
Glad to see Jennifer Dalessandro has her mug shot on this page. She is the devil, harassed my family for years. The best day of my life was when bullyville released her IP addresses and alias accounts that she used on rwa. It was sweet validation because she is evil. Where is Tami piggy pig Vaher's photo and story?
Posted By: Combustion | 3/12/15 9:43 AM
I can see how cheaterville could get out of hand. I posted my ex on there and once he saw it he created a post about me. I could care less cause he was screwing this tr*mp at his work who had three different baby daddies. Karma baby.
Posted By: LOVEYOU | 3/12/15 9:44 AM
Posted By: Bravo | 3/12/15 9:45 AM
I used to think McGibney was a hypocrite. How can you own an anti-bullying site and site that puts cheaters on blast? If the person didn't cheat and it's a lie, well that's bullying. As of today, I'm now a huge fan of yours McGibney. What a brilliant move and I see Mr. Moore is heading to jail, largely because of you, cheers mate. I've got your back from now on.
Posted By: bringitback | 3/12/15 9:46 AM
This is b*llshit, please bring back cheaterville. This was such a great site, BRING IT BACK NOW. I get why you did this but its not fair to the fans, please reconsider.
Posted By: betrayedspouse | 3/12/15 12:35 PM
Yes, please bring back Cheaterville. it is an important resource for betrayed spouses and the number 1 site for checking on potential partners/dates.
Posted By: caughtherpes | 3/12/15 2:08 PM
Hope it comes back. I got herpes because of some d*ckhead I met on match. I put his ass on blast on cheaterville and we found out he had a warrant for his arrest. Police saw all the victims postings on cheaterville and arrested his ass. KARMABABY!!
Posted By: betrayedspouse | 3/12/15 2:21 PM
That is awesome! Exactly one of the things Cheaterville is well known for.
Posted By: childrenfirst | 3/12/15 11:32 AM
I am posting the nahauser guy on all of my women's rights forums.
Posted By: JasonS | 3/12/15 1:58 PM
I like bullyville much more.
Posted By: betrayedspouse | 3/12/15 2:19 PM
Why is Cheaterville forwarded to this site while Slingerville is still active? Please bring back Cheaterville.

I'm not really interested in Bullyville except for occasional visits to see the latest. Cheaterville on the other hand is an important tool in healing from infidelity. Cheaterville is the primary "cheater" site on the web and is once again unavailable to those who really need it, betrayed spouses.
Posted By: Victim2 | 3/12/15 2:22 PM
I am a victim of Thomas Retzlaff. I live in Texas and he stalked me for months. I won't say who I am but you know who I am James and that's all I care about. James you are the only person who would stand up to Retzlaff. I've watched lawyers, judges and even cops turn and run the other way. They knew what he was doing but they didn't care. The police don't even want to take a report unless there is a death threat. Guess a rape threat doesn't count. Thank you for everything James, I'm crying as I'm typing. Please don't stop until he is back in prison.
Posted By: ASUSS | 3/12/15 2:36 PM
FFS, just pulled up the rap sheet on retzlaff it's a mile long. Typical of cops not to give a shit, it's not until after a rapist like this rapist attacks that they give a shit. Did you know this guy raped a woman?
Posted By: thewatcher | 3/12/15 2:30 PM
This kinda sucks. If we can help get these two hemorrhoids arrested will you bring cheaterville back?
Posted By: laughingangel | 3/12/15 3:13 PM
although I see the need to inform the public about this scum bag, I beg you to bring back cheaterville...I had just posted my ex, he was at 15,000 hits, and I feel the need to let the public know of these dirt bags on dating sites...it helps all involved.....PLEASE BRING BACK CHEATERVILLE...:((((((
Posted By: dancer48 | 3/13/15 3:57 PM
Please PleaSE keep CHEATERVILLE..... i am an advocate of exposing bullies... thank you..............but I've heard from women who saw posts on Cheaterville, who are 3 days from being raped financially..........We need BOTH your websites.............
Posted By: occupyrebellion | 3/12/15 3:33 PM
touche bullyville. We all know that you're a moralfag white night who helps women and revenge porn victims, but do you have the smoking gun on neal? Check your email, times ticking and I hold the clock, tick tock. Never forget, you are the cat and he is the mouse. A scared mouse who has burnt many bridges, especially one that I helped him build. What I want in return only you can provide and that's the only reason why I'll stand by your side.
Posted By: TheDevilDog | 3/12/15 6:59 PM
F*cking awesome job Marine, 3rd SRIG brother for life. I'm going to help you guys find these f*ckstains.
Posted By: girl1 | 3/12/15 11:57 PM
what happened to cheaterville. i think my the guy im talking to is in it when i did a search on google his name came up from a post. i need to read this for my minds sake.
Posted By: youcantdothisanymore | 3/13/15 8:45 PM
I hope it wasn't Pat Ball.
Posted By: Mehie | 3/13/15 10:18 AM
IMO, when my two timing wh*re husband decided to sleep with some random bar skank and get her pregnant, he bullied me and my two kids. Cheating is just another form of bullying. Will bullyville allow people to post cheaters on here now?
Posted By: Loooooooossseeerrrrr | 3/13/15 11:37 AM
Thank God you losers dropped that Cheaterville website because the owner was about ready to have his legs broken by a lot of people who were falsely accused on that site. People were headed to Vegas to kick his rump along with his attorneys rear.

Posted By: dancer48 | 3/13/15 3:54 PM
I'm SOOO glad you are calling out bullies, but PLEASE KEEP CHEATERVILLE as well... have had women call me over posts that were right before being raped financially..............PLEASE!!!
Posted By: youcantdothisanymore | 3/13/15 8:53 PM
I need cheaterville to be back. My ex and child's father cheated. He has a violent and emotionally abusive and controlling background. He refuses to pay child support and wont step up. Threatens me that if I try to get child support he will take my child from me because he can afford an attorney. He said if I am with him he will be there but he "doesn't do part time). So I don't bother to go to court because my son is more important than the child support. I guess it's kind of bullying too. I dont want anyone to go through what I have. Life is very difficult because of what he has done to me and my children.
Posted By: AlternateCheatervill | 3/14/15 8:32 AM
With the UTMOST RESPECT to James' work, there are ALTERNATIVES TO CHEATERVILLE.COM that you can go to in order to post your cheater story. If enough people give these sites traffic, then any search of the cheater's name will bring up the site. I am not sure why James decided to do this thing with Retzlaff, because he is focusing in on a singular person--granted, he has done horrendous things. My ex had sex while his children were sleeping in the house. My ex financially and emotionally destroyed my life and my kids' lives. My ex trolled Craigslist and had unprotected sex with strangers. My ex left my daughter locked in a car while he went and had sex with some strange person. My ex is into sick underage pornography. This Retzlaff guy is a POS, but so are CHEATERS. Women and men need to have a way to expose these people for what and who they are---Bullyville focuses on one person mainly. Cheating and bullying go hand in hand--they both can result in suicides, murders, destroyed lives, diseases, rapes, etc. The other sites are out there, folks. Just google cheating websites and there are a ton. Sorry James, but I disagree wholeheartedly with this thing about dedicating your site to Retzlaff. Make a page just for him and leave it with a link on the side of Cheaterville or something. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but you are doing a great disservice to the men and women and FAMILIES that have been crushed by cheaters.
Posted By: twocents | 3/14/15 9:26 AM
Meh, imo, shutting down cheaterville was a good move. I read plenty of posts on that site, they were vicious. Besides bullyville annihilated at least three pedophile groups and a few revenge porn sites. He's definitely a moral fag, but he's our moral fag and we love him for it. #teambullyville #teambrittany
Posted By: DannyO | 4/20/15 10:16 AM
Posted By: bloodsport | 3/14/15 9:56 AM
Seems to me like Cheaterville was started with the idea of exposing cheaters but instead became a hotspot for stalkers. A friend of mine was posted on that site and she had a protective order against her ex husband. Cheaterville took the post down but it was disturbing that he was able to post anything in the first place. I never liked cheaterville but I am digging bullyville so far.
Posted By: Forhire | 3/14/15 10:00 AM
I just read an article on Radar Online about how you exposed an entire group of stalkers and posted their IP address. Are you guys for hire? I'm being stalked by a group of racists. What is your email address?
Posted By: jenny300 | 3/14/15 12:33 PM
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Posted By: betrayedspouse | 3/20/15 9:05 AM
Remember kids, DO NOT drink the bong water.
Posted By: anotherissue | 3/16/15 11:38 AM
I had a completely different issue with Cheaterville. I posted my ex who was caught red handed cheating with my sister, yes my sister. I was devastated, shocked, betrayed and furious. After a few weeks of him being shamed on cheaterville he apologized and I decided to forgive him. I logged in and took the post down and went on with my life. I find out a month or so later that the exact same post was on at least two other websites and I didn't post on either of them. What was worse is that neither site would take down the post, and one of them tried to charge me and they are in Korea! At least cheaterville let people take down their own posts.
Posted By: Katserb | 3/17/15 6:23 AM
Thank you I use CheaterVille. I am very impressed with it.
Posted By: Nebraska | 3/18/15 10:09 AM
For anyone interested in writing a letter to Nebraska's health and human services about this deadbeat rauhauser, here you go. http://dhhs.ne.gov/children_family_services/CSE/Pages/Contact.aspx

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Child Support Enforcement P.O. Box 94728 Lincoln, NE 68509-4728 Phone: (402) 441-8715 Toll Free: 1-877-631-9973
Posted By: Decorator1958 | 3/18/15 3:50 PM
I think that this is a great site. But we need Cheaterville up and running. Last week a woman contacted me about a post I made regarding my post and I was able to help her from the grips of a narcissist. That is very disturbing that someone like him is very actively prowling to find another victim. Please put the site back up.
Posted By: CanadianGirl789 | 3/19/15 9:38 AM
I am SO happy to see Cheaterville gone. My stalker posted me on the site a couple years ago and I could not afford to pay to have the post taken down. Sites like that make it too easy for anyone to have slanderous statements posted against them- online bullying at it's finest.
Posted By: Coyotied | 3/19/15 10:11 AM
What I dig about bullyville is they put peoples own words on the site. It proves that the bullies really are bullies. I've been dealing with tami vaher and lora lusher for almost five years. They are extreme cases of online bullying. Just google their names you will see that they are the worst female bullies on the internet.
Posted By: forever | 3/20/15 6:53 AM
There is no arguing that once your in bullyville's sights he is not taking his foot off the throttle. I do know of at least three people who used the RWA blog that reached out to bully privately and he connected them with the people who they were fighting with on that blog and they came to a truce that was sincere. Bullyville took down their posts. I love what he does.
Posted By: BurgerKING | 3/20/15 1:18 PM
I #respect the decision to shut down cheaterville. You run the risk of having to many innocent people caught in the crossfire. That retzlaff guy is a prime example, WTF is up with that guy? Why did he post his daughter on there? You never want someone like him using your site and unless you run background checks on everyone you wouldn't know. Maybe launch cheaterville again and charge people to make a post? That way you at least know who they are and can verify the post.
Posted By: constitutionalrights | 3/21/15 2:21 PM
Please return cheaterville.com .We understand the purpose of BULLYVILL.com. However, cheater Ville has helped many people learn the true identity of many individuals who have done wrong by cheating. Cheater Ville helps keep us women safe and prevent us from becoming victims of individuals who have a history of wrong doing. It is our constitutional right to speak out and express ourselves in a respectable manner. The Freedom of Speech Clause of the First Amendment is one of the most valuable and precious rights guaranteed to Americans in the United States Constitution
Posted By: Beenhurt | 3/22/15 5:53 AM
I see why you're doing this, but Cheaterville NEEDS to exist to help those that need it and expose those true rotten cheaters. While there are many other cheater sites, this one is a go-to for those in question. Please bring it back so more people are safe from harm.
Posted By: FreedomOfSpeech | 3/22/15 9:39 AM
I agree with our Freedom of Speech Rights. Bring back Cheater Ville. My spouse cheated on me and I would like to express my Constitutional rights. People should have the rights to alert society on cheaters who are misleading others into dangerous situations. Bully Ville is a site in which protects and alerts society on people who are dangerous. Carterville helps before someone gets hurt, or involved in a dangerous relationship. (Once a cheater, always a cheater)!!!!!!!!! Bring back CHEATERVILLE!!!!
Posted By: honeypot | 3/23/15 7:24 AM
Hmmmm, I'm starting to wonder, was Cheaterville one big honeypot for IP harvesting? I've noticed at least a dozen court cases where cheaterville was responsible for providing IP addresses to law enforcement to catch pedophiles and stalkers and those defendants were all sentenced. I'd be curious to see all the posts that have never gone live as Mcgibney tells the media. Willing to bet those posters received an unwelcomed knock knock from the feds.
Posted By: JohnJacob | 3/23/15 12:15 PM
>>>honeypot…, If what you say is correct, I for one am glad to hear it! These pedofile PIGS hide behind the internet to perform their dastardly deeds on unsuspecting children. I am not for “big brother” watching our every move but in some cases it is a necessary evil to thwart a much more heinous, evil.
As far as the posts on Cheaterville, WOW, what a great resource for both men and women. For instance, there was a post about a guy named GREG PARROTT (law enforcement officer) who also does firearms training for women only classes with “GALS AND GUNPOWDER” out of Lorenzo, Texas. This PIG (GREG PARROTT) uses his badge and training to seduce and con women who have taken the “GALS AND GUNPOWDER” training. I only hope that the post helped one women from being harmed.
Posted By: brimstone | 3/24/15 12:22 PM
Please be careful James. I've watched what Rauhauser aka missanonnews and Retzlaff have been doing to you and your family. They both run that libel blog and Retzlaff is a paid blogger for that attorney in Texas Jeffrey Dorrell. If you haven't already figured it out, any active case that Dorrell is involved with has a libel blog that Retz runs. They have an agreement in place to split any money received in these lawsuits. I read the transcripts from the July 29 restraining order hearing. Retzlaff's attorney commented on record that she had been working with Dorrell on the motions she was presenting that day. Why would Dorrell be involved in a restraining order hearing for Retzlaff in California when he is a practicing attorney in TX? The answer is right in front of you. Dorrell needs to make sure that Retzlaff DOES NOT get sent back to prison. He knows to many secrets about Dorrell and how well can you trust someone behind bars not to start spilling the beans? Dorrell was counsel for Retzlaff, the "anonymous blogger" for that operation kleinwatch case. The same shit you are going through, Klein has dealt with. This is their business model and adding Rauhauser was a bonus for them. Retzlaff is a vexatious litigant in Texas, Rauhauser is not. They don't give two sh*ts that there are active warrants for their arrest. Neal needs to produce 60,000 within the next 90 or so days or he's going to have a federal warrant hanging over him. You're his one way ticket out of that mess. Judge Cosby knows a scam when he sees one, and trust me James, he knows that #teamfelon of #retzlaffrauhauseranddorrell are attempting to justify their corrupt business model. Keep your chin up marine, it doesn't matter who wins these little battles, you will win this war, bullyville always wins these wars. #teambrittany #teamnancynogg #teambullyville
Posted By: Discovery | 3/24/15 2:28 PM
Very accurate comment @brimstone. The evidence is mounting daily. Retzlaff and Dorrell have known each other for a long time. If Brittany's affidavits are true, Dorrell and Retzlaff have much larger problems than bullyville. She claims that she's been forwarding emails directly to the FBI that her pedo dad sends her. They were already investigating rauhauser and now Dorrell is linked to retzlaff and rauhauser. Dorrell comes from oil money so his ego is to the moon and back. It will take a force like the FBI to take him down and they will undoubtedly use reetzlaff and rauhauser to do it.
Posted By: Staystrongmarine | 3/24/15 8:20 PM
Jesus Christ, these are some serious criminals you're fighting here Marine. If there is 1 thing I've learned over the years it's that guys with outstanding warrants for their arrest are fearless {and reckless} I read most of the court docs on retzlaff he needs to be in a padded room for life he's mentally ill. He is fixated on children and their aren't enough psychiatrists on earth to fix him, he's cannot be fixed. Neal Rauhauser is someone I'm familiar with. Do a google search for Brett Kimberlin. He is the speedway bomber who carried out an act of domestic terrorism on U.S. soil. Those 4 warrants for Rauhauser's arrest are just the active ones. There are two more in the works, these guys are dangerous. When Neal threatened to SWAT you he meant it, sail safe brother. If you can get Neal into a courtroom your troubles with him will be over. Figure out a way to get him into that courtroom marine, that is your sole mission, make it happen. #semperfi #teambullyville
Posted By: Atkins | 3/24/15 8:24 PM
Posted By: mybarapp | 3/25/15 7:31 AM
I would use cheaterville.com whenever I was out with friends bar crawling. So many guys are FULL OF SHIT and only want one thing. They don't care if they are married, with or without kids, they want the vajayjay. Sometimes while they were trying to pick me up, I would search for them on cheaterville. I even found a few it was great. How soon before you guys bring it back? p.s. I love what bullyville stands for, the guys mentioned in this article are exactly who you don't want to hit on you, creepy as all hell.
Posted By: teambrittanyretzlaff | 3/27/15 3:40 PM
THOMAS RETZLAFF IS A PEDOPHILE AND RAPIST. HIS FORMER WIFE DENISE RETZLAFF HOLLAS IS THE WORST MOTHER ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO LET A PEDOPHILE TORMENT YOUR OWN DAUGHTER. GOD IS GOING TO PUNISH YOU FOR THIS DENISE. YOU FAILED TO PROTECT BRITTANY AND YOU CONTINUE TO FAIL TO PROTECT HER. #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany #teambrittany
Posted By: Khobar | 3/30/15 2:05 PM
When will the old cheaterville website will be back ?
Posted By: bitechaser | 4/05/15 8:24 PM
Good question. Probably right after retzlaff is back in jail. We miss #cheaterville
Posted By: sunshine | 4/26/15 1:05 PM
Plz bring back cheaterville
Posted By: DannyO | 4/20/15 10:15 AM
You knew it was just a matter of time before stalkers and rapists used cheaterville for their own purposes.
Posted By: 559fights | 4/21/15 9:19 PM
To whom it may concern:
Bully Ville has given Thomas Retzlaff’s too much publicity. I do understand the criminal act in which he is at fault. Cheater Ville website has been redirected to Bully Ville since March 12, 2015. It is in the best interest of most people who wish for cheater Ville to make a comeback. Cheater Ville has protected many people from becoming victims. I hope cheater Ville comes back with a better monitoring service, which will prevent people like rapist, scammers, pedophiles, and those who wish to take advantage, and do wrong. So please bring back cheater Ville for protection and awareness.
Posted By: sunshine | 4/26/15 12:59 PM
It is true I agree with 559fights , please bring cheaterville back .
Bring cheaterville back
Posted By: sandiego | 4/22/15 9:40 PM
I agree! The Bully ville site is only focusing on one person, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. Please give us an update on Cheater Ville site. IS it gone forever? So we can go elsewhere and post the cheaters and liars. However, I would like cheater Ville to make a comeback!! CheaterVille had high ratings and served its purpose to the people in search of the true identity of a cheater
Posted By: sunshine | 4/26/15 1:04 PM
I agree 100% please bring cheaterville back , I'm victim of one cheated man heartless , would like to protect any woman from him . I'm ready to talk to any lady not in public if she wanted more details about that man! Already one lady start dating him she wished she saw cheaterville site before she met him , so please bring back cheaterville
Posted By: sweetdestiny02 | 5/09/15 6:27 PM
Why not post this on Cheaterville too? You should just bring it back and do that.
Posted By: Dealwithit2015 | 5/13/15 5:03 PM
PLEASE bring back Cheaterville!!! The soulless excuse of a man I posted on March 11, 2015 is running around Phoenix, AZ duping and using both men and women!!! He needs to be outed and these unsuspecting targets need to be warned!!! He's likely spreading disease as well as heartache!!!
Posted By: Popoo | 5/15/15 7:32 AM
Posted By: TheOracle | 5/22/15 7:30 AM
Retzlaff's dad funds his sons pedophilia actions. He is part owner of a newspaper in Minnesota. Info can be found here http://www.postbulletin.com/by-bob-retzlaff/article_06b5762e-ecd1-5b0c-8f4e-5197d1adfaa4.html
Posted By: pissedex | 6/21/15 6:59 AM
Marcus hicks is a fraud and a cheater. I gave this man my all and he cheated daily with different women. He has a problem and needs to b stopped
Posted By: jayzizzle | 8/11/15 1:41 AM
Yea! They should be in the slammer! II wish cheaterville was still up. Chris Horn from Awatuhkee is a cheater!! Very married & victimized my aunt!!!
Posted By: jayzizzle | 8/11/15 11:38 AM
I heard he was online dating & tried w few other women. His wife makes SAAAAAD excuses for him! Poor lady is enabling the guy. Chris Horn Pulice bad karma sucks!
Posted By: Florez | 9/06/15 4:49 AM
I also wish Cheaterville would come back. I just submitted my bully story, but IDK if it will be accepted. The jerk's a lying cheater, verbally abusive and talks people down, milks them dry. He was on Cheateville until the site was taken down. Cesar Hurtado wont be long now until all your lies come out and even the most patient of ur fans will finally see the light and kick you aside once they start askin questions
Posted By: necessity | 9/17/15 2:56 AM
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