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Thomas Retzlaff Stolen Valor.
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January 15, 2015
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The following excerpts have been pulled directly from court filings in Texas. Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff has done everything humanly possible to keep his service records from ever going public or used in court proceedings. Rumor has it that he was discharged for stalking an enlisted female officer. Ironically he was expelled from the University of Texas for stalking a female student.

"I have reviewed Mr. Retzlaff's MBA application, including his personal statement and have concluded that it contains many false statements about his past. His alleged military service during particular years is directly contradicted by the facts of his criminal history, including the dates of his criminal conduct and the period (1998 - 2004) when he was imprisoned. I have attempted to verify whether Mr. Retzlaff ever served in the military and the conditions of his discharge, and have learned that Mr. Retzlaff was apparently enlisted in the army for a short period but was given a general, not honorable discharge. Mr. Retzlaff has used aliases and may have used more than one social security number; he has refused to provide me records or record authorizations for his military service".

"The Dean of the UTSA College of Business and its Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research uncovered startling public records about Retzlaff. Among other revelations, court opinions and other records showed that Retzlaff was in fact doing an eight year prison sentence beginning in 1998 when, according to written statements he submitted in support of his MBA admission application, he claimed to have been serving in "Afghanistan and two tours of duty in Iraq". And when in fact Retzlaff won early release from prison in 2004, Retzlaff claimed in his MBA admission application that he "medically retired" in 2004 from military service after "his third combat related injury".

Link #1 - Proof that convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff is not only guilty of stolen valor, but that he assumed the identity of another soldier.


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