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January 09, 2015
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One has to wonder why convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff hates Philip Klein and John Morgan so much? And what about that blog which has viciously attacked each of them for years? The same blog that Thomas Retzlaff's "close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell represented in a lawsuit? They went to great lengths to ensure that the identities of the admins behind those blogs remained anonymous.


The stars at night are big and bright.

And what happened to that 8 million dollar lawsuit Thomas Retzlaff referenced below within his email as "james.smith"? The lawsuit filed against Philip Klein by Retzlaff's "close and personal friend, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell. Heard it was non-suited? 


"James Smith" is convicted felon, alleged pedophile, rapist and vexatious litigant Thomas Retzlaff. He brags that he's "judgment proof" and could "give two shits" about going back to prison. We shall find out the answers to both soon enough. The following email was sent from Thomas Retzlaff to an attorney in Texas.

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