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January 02, 2015
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For years, Bullyville and dozens more on Twitter have dealt with the infamous now-suspended vile attack propaganda accounts known as @occupyrebellion  and @missanonnews (or ‘OR’ and ‘MAN’ as they are commonly abbreviated and referred to). The operator(s) would ruthlessly attack people simply for expressing a political viewpoint. The ad hominem attacks included falsely accusing people as being "pedophiles" and included death and rape threats. Many attempts have been made to identify the person or persons behind these accounts with very little success.

For those of you who may not be familiar with OR/MAN, here is just a small sampling of those Twitter accounts exercising their "1st amendment right to freedom of speech".


Having had enough of their ridiculous antics, which clearly crossed the bounds of "free speech" into defamation, we decided to sue @occupyrebellion and @missanonnews. Upon filing suit in civil court, we immediately subpoenaed Twitter for the identities of the operator(s) behind those accounts. Twitter, as is their basic policy with civil proceedings, did not comply with our request. However, we were fortunate enough to receive some much needed help from law enforcement (who as many are aware had long ago taken great interest in the operator(s) behind OR/MAN) ensuring that all login info would be preserved for those accounts.

The following link contains an email exchange that occurred between @occupyrebellion, @missanonnews and our Attorney, Jay Leiderman. What's fascinating is the change in email addresses mid-stream into this email exchange. The conversation begins with [email protected] and a few emails later changes to [email protected]. According to this person emailing our attorney who claims to be OR/MAN "she" is physically disabled and cannot speak on the phone. Neal “Deadbeat Dad” Rauhauser recently claimed on his Twitter timeline (@realityforger - fitting handle btw) that the “original owner of the account by that name” (referencing @occupyrebellion) passed away a few months ago!


Now here's where the treacherous duo of @occupyrebellion and @missanonnews made a huge mistake. Remember, we named OR/MAN in the initial civil lawsuit that we filed in Texas. Soon thereafter something rather stunning occurred. “They” the person(s) behind OR/MAN submitted a motion to quash our lawsuit as it related to those two accounts. And wouldn't you know it, the author of that quash motion seems very familiar to us. It's as if we’ve seen some of the EXACT same exhibits and exact same arguments! And dare we mention the EXACT same formatting within another case here in California? Yes, we do. But how could this be - that in two cases, in two states, involving parties which we are suing, who claim to have no relation to one another - present filings to the respective courts with some of the exact same exhibits, arguments and formatting? We forwarded this quash motion and some other evidence we collected to an independent third party for further analysis, as well as the FBI. As of today, we can now make this quash motion public so without further ado…


@occupyrebellion and @missanonnews made a fatal calculation by failing to appear for a July 29th hearing in California, which allowed for discovery to proceed. Why wouldn’t @missanonnews want to step foot in a courtroom? It’s as if they’re afraid the long arm of the law might finally catch up to them.


Here is Neal Rauhauser’s “prominent” first amendment attorney Jeffrey Dorrell’s invoice from back in June, 2014. It’s a fascinating timeline of events when analyzed, word for word, sentence by sentence.


Here’s “Reality Forger” Neal Rauhauser’s affidavit that he submitted, under penalty of perjury in our Texas case. According to Neal he’s never conducted any business in Texas. Nearly 50% of his affidavit is a full blown lie. No worries that will be addressed soon enough.


And here’s Neal Rauhauser’s buddy convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff with his own affidavit. Line item #3 proves what we already know. Retzlaff is a habitual liar, and both Retzlaff and Rauhauser have DEFINITELY communicated prior to this affidavit.


Here are the VERIFIED outstanding warrants for Neal Rauhauser’s arrest. Apparently at least two more are in the works.


The walls are closing in for Neal Rauhauser. More to come, very......very soon.

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Posted By: finishline | 1/02/15 1:36 PM
Neal has mentioned numerous times that he "knows" who was behind those two accounts. No shit Neal. A deposition is in your near future.
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