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Stalkerville, population = Thomas Retzlaff
Article by: The Internet
December 04, 2014
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On March 15th, 2014, convicted felon, alleged pedophile, rapist and cyber stalker, Thomas Retzlaff submitted a FOIA request to the Department of the Navy. The Department of the Navy has confirmed, Mr. Retzlaff is the ONLY PERSON who has ever requested Mr. McGibney’s DD214, which was sent to “Dennis Foster” which was a typo, it should have been “Denise Foster” which is Thomas Retzlaff’s ex-wife. The PO Box listed is the same PO Box registered within our federal lawsuit. Mr. McGibney’s DD214 appeared on Defendant Retzlaff’s blog, which he submitted under penalty of perjury, that he had “nothing to do with” on April 8th, 2014.

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Posted By: backstreet | 12/04/14 7:42 PM
Ha ha ha ha ha, bye bye birdie, suck a d*ck Retzlaff.
Posted By: Retzslapp | 12/04/14 8:10 PM
Nerd rage in 3.2.1. Fear not, RetzSlapp will claim that the department of the navy forged this document cuz the entire world is in a conspiracy against this rapist.
Posted By: confused | 12/04/14 8:30 PM
Wait I'm confused. Why would Retzlaff's former wife request BV's DD214? Is that her signature? How much you wanna bet that she had no idea that he did this? Can't wait to find out that idiot forged her signature to acquire a federal document.
Posted By: staypuff | 12/05/14 8:52 AM
I have been telling McGibney since the beginning that denise retzlaff was helping Thomas but he refused to believe me. now that the proof is there I hope he adds her to the lawsuit, same with Collin.
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