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November 18, 2014
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Where to begin with Lora Lusher? She is notorious for her relentless bullying of people on Twitter. This is very well documented and her list of victims grows daily. What's worse is that she cannot be reasoned with. There is no point in trying to extend an olive branch to her, Sue Basko, Tami Vaher, etc. because they enjoy bringing misery to other people's lives. They will never stop, even if you decide to stop fighting back. Here is just a small sampling of her tweets:

http://www.bullyville.com/?page=blast&socialNetworkId=2&[email protected]

She, along with Attorney Sue Basko have openly supported convicted felon, alleged pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff for quite some time. She will bully someone and once she gets called out for bullying that person, she will quickly play the role of the victim. What is most perplexing is that she is in her 60s. Below is Lora Lusher's recent complaint filed with Amazon. Lora, just like Attorney Sue Basko, gets very upset when you post their own words on the Internet.

Lastly, this is who Lora Lusher openly supports, it is beyond disturbing, it's perplexing. Why would any woman support someone like this? Have you not read what he has put his own daughter through? Do you not have any decency? www.thomasretzlaff.com.

Enough is enough, if you want this to end you know how to get a hold of me. It is never too late to change. Help us and do the right thing (you know that that is) and in return, we will bury the hatchet and this ridiculous war of words will finally end.

Additional abuse report information provided by original abuse reporter(s):

* Abuse Time: Mon Nov 17 08:32:00 UTC 2014

* Log Extract:




* Comments:


My name is Lora Lusher. I am a 64 year old grandmother living in California. My original twitter name was @EmeraldCityJazz.

I am contacting you for two reasons.

1) James McGibney of Bullyville.com and Cheaterville.com has purchased domain names in my legal name and has threatened to create websites devoted to me for purposes of defaming and embarrassing me.

2) Further, James McGibney has created a page about me on his Bullyville.com site, see link:


Mr. McGibney devoted this page to me and is defaming me and damaging my name and reputation by:

1) Accusing me of having 505 "sock" (fake) accounts on twitter and on blogs.

2) Listing posts he claims I made on a blog called Reality Without Apologies.

3) Listing tweets that he is attributing to me.

In addition, the photograph Mr. McGibney has posted on my page is a mug shot of my emotionally disabled son who was arrested for being drunk in public.

Mr. McGibney's purpose in posting that picture in article he created about me is clearly intended to embarrass me and my son.

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Posted By: crackerjack | 11/18/14 3:15 PM
Lora Lusher will never change, she hates herself more than she'll ever hate anyone else.
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