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November 18, 2014
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Attorney Sue Basko, who submitted a HAND WRITTEN letter (www.suebasko.com) supporting convicted felon, alleged pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff to the judge presiding in Retzlaff's restraining order hearing, filed the following with Amazon. Apparently, Ms. Basko gets very upset when you POST HER OWN WORDS on the Internet. After filing this report, rumor has it that she contacted Al Gore and asked him to shut down the entire Internet. Ms. Basko will, of course, deny that she submitted that hand written letter, will deny that she submitted this complaint to Amazon and pretty much deny anything that proves her unyielding support of convicted felons and an alleged pedophile and rapist. We will be uploading some additional filings that Sue Basko has made to the court shortly.

Lastly, this is who Sue Basko openly supports, it is beyond disturbing, it's perplexing. Why would any woman support someone like this? Have you not read what he has put his own daughter through? Do you not have any decency? www.thomasretzlaff.com.

Enough is enough, if you want this to end you know how to get a hold of me. It is never too late to change. Help us and do the right thing (you know what that is) and in return, we will bury the hatchet and this ridiculous war of words will finally end.

---Beginning of forwarded report---


Instance Id: i-c9eef592

IP Address: 50.18.xxx.xxx

Case number: 16150791517

Additional abuse report information provided by original abuse reporter(s):

* Abuse Time: Sun Nov 16 01:00:00 UTC 2014

* Log Extract:







* Comments:



There are two sites being served on Amazon Web services that are jam-packed with defamation and other prohibited things, according to your rules.

These are domains run by James McGibney of ViaView, Inc.

The domains that are of most concern to me are:

SueBasko.com - This is MY name that he is using and on this domain he has posted tons of defamation, lies, photos, etc. It is all harassment against me. PLEASE DELETE THIS WEBSITE IN FULL.

DisbarBasko.com - Here he has used my name and defames me as a lawyer. It is all shocking about me. PLease delete this website in full.

Bullyville.com - This site is all defamation, too, and contains horrifying abuse about me.

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Posted By: Groupon | 11/18/14 12:29 PM
Remember the comment she made about autistic kids? http://www.defshepherd.com/2011/12/in-which-comment-on-la-times-autism.html
Posted By: crackerjack | 11/18/14 3:17 PM
she is obsessed with Leiderman.
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