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September 13, 2014
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There are literally 100's of court documents pertaining to convicted felon, COURT DOCUMENTED pedophile, stalker and rapist Thomas Retzlaff on the web. In an effort to aid law enforcement, lawyers and victims of Thomas Retzlaff, we have compiled all available information about this convicted felon in one place.








ARTICLE #1 - contains numerous links, including the positive identification of some of Thomas C. Retzlaff's sock accounts. He has threatened to rape women with these sock accounts and is even an active member of the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood. Thomas C. Retzlaff is a vexatious litigant from the San Antonio, Texas area (he now lives in Phoenix, AZ).  He has a lengthy criminal record (convicted felon) and an extensive pro se litigation history. He loves to threaten women, and as numerous court documents indicate, he is also suspected of rape and various pedophilia offenses. Tom Retzlaff posted naked images of his daughter all over the web. He illegally obtained these images with the use of a hidden video camera.




ARTICLE #2 - is a court document submitted by the Texas Department of Protective Services. Convicted Felon Thomas Retzlaff admitted to masturbating, using a can of Crisco, in front of his children. He also raped a woman, anally, and videotaped the entire rape. Read the court filing, in its entirety, which can be found here:




ARTICLE #3 - was forwarded to us by an anonymous user which warns parents, especially those with younger children, who live near West Elm Street (N 83rd St & W Camelback Rd) in Phoenix, AZ.


ARTICLE #4 - contains the emails and Twitter direct messages between Denise Hollas Retzlaff and BullyVille founder, James McGibney. This is part of the contempt of court filing against Thomas Retzlaff.


ARTICLE #5 - is BullyVille's court filing against Convicted Felon, Serial Liar, alleged pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff.


ARTICLE #6 - is BullyVille's Attorney, Jay Leiderman's declaration of facts with respect to Convicted felon, serial liar, vexatious litigant, alleged pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff.


ARTICLE #7 - discusses Thomas Retzlaff and his long criminal history, having served jail and prison sentences most recently in the custody of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice from February 1998 to May 2004. According to court opinion, this confinement resulted from an eight year sentence due to his conviction for the “possession of a weapon in a prohibited place.” Among other information, Retzlaff failed to expunge records and files in “three felony cases against him numbered (1) 47,563, sexual assault; (2) 47,206, illegal knife on school premises; and (3) 47,176, burglary of habitation.” Thomas Retzlaff testified that he left his children alone in the house, that he kept a loaded gun in the house, that he kept pornographic materials in areas of the house that were accessible to the children and that he participated in sexual acts near the children on more than one occasion.  One of Retzlaff’s children told a school counselor that Mr. Retzlaff would “touch his sister’s friends in their private places.”


ARTICLE #8 - is a court document from the United States District Court of Texas (San Antonio) which outlines Convicted Felon Thomas Retzlaff's criminal history and his expulsion from the University of Texas (San Antonio) for stalking a female student. He also claimed to be serving in the Army, serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, when, in fact, he was in prison serving an eight year sentence.  


ARTICLE #9 - is a compilation of court documents in various court houses within Texas. You will quickly see why convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff was deemed a vexatious litigant in Texas.


ARTICLE #10 - is nothing short of chilling and will make you wonder how convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff was ever let out of prison in the first place. These are emails that he sent to his own daughter, who has a restraining order against him and fled the Country after he posted naked images of her that he illegally obtained via a hidden video camera.


ARTICLE #11 - is ViaView (BullyVille) opposition to Defendant Thomas Retzlaff's motion to extend time for his Anti-SLAPP motion. Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff already lost his Anti-SLAPP motion on July 29th and was ordered to pay $10,000 to ViaView's Corporate Counsel.


ARTICLE #12 - is the signed affidavit from Brittany Retzlaff, the daughter of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. Within this affidavit she states the following "based on my past personal experiences with my father, there is no doubt in my mind, that my father, Thomas Retzlaff, is a pedophile".


ARTICLE #13 - are most of the aliases that convicted felon, alleged pedophile, alleged rapist, cyber stalker and vexatious litigant Thomas Retzlaff used, which forensically maps to his verified IP Addresses. With respect to the Cheaterville posts, we supplied IP addresses for comments created on posts which tie into users other than Thomas Retzlaff. We provided those IP addresses for snapshot consistency.


ARTICLE #14 - is the affidavit for BullyVille founder James McGibney pertaining to the facts submitted within his lawsuit against convicted felon, alleged pedophile, stalker and vexatious litigant Thomas Retzlaff.


ARTICLE #15 - is the affidavit for Internet blogger Adam Steinbaugh who was able to directly link convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff to multiple IP addresses and email addresses, included but not limited to: [email protected]


ARTICLE #16 - are emails sent by convicted felon and alleged rapist Thomas Retzlaff to his numerous stalking and harassment victims. He taunted victims of revenge porn websites and threatened multiple lawyers. It's worth mentioning, on page 81 of 97, Thomas Retzlaff copies Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell who is a partner at Hanszen Laporte in Houston, TX. Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff copies Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell on a few additional emails within this exhibit, including emails that are perceived threats. He refers to Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell as "a very good and personal friend of mine". Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell currently doesn't represent convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. These are facts that you can clearly see for yourself within these emails.


ARTICLE #17 -  Defendant Thomas Retzlaff has convinced himself that he may, with impunity, ruin another person’s business relationships by spreading lies about the business. He has convinced himself that issuing death threats and falsely accusing others of criminal activity is speech on a matter of public interest. He has convinced himself that, because conclusively attributing pseudonymous Internet bullying to an individual is inherently difficult, he can simply deny all of it. And he has convinced himself that he is a brilliant pro se litigator, capable of defeating all attempts to impose accountability. This court should not be so easily convinced.


ARTICLE #18 -  are two additional affidavits submitted by Brittany Retzlaff. "Let this affidavit and my commitment to testifying on behalf of the Plaintiff in this case show, everything that Thomas Retzlaff has been accused of is unequivocally true. He is a convicted felon, he is a vexatious litigant, he did rape my mother and recorded the entire incident, he is a serial stalker and most importantly, he is a pedophile".



ARTICLE #19 - is yet another example of felon Thomas Retzlaff breaking the law. He impersonated his daughter, Brittany Retzlaff, and filed a false claim with the Labor Commissioner in the State of California. Retzlaff’s impersonation of his daughter likely violated at least three California criminal statutes: Penal Code §§ 132, 134, and 118(a). The claim was dismissed by the Labor Commissioner on December 19th, 2014.


ARTICLE #20 - is a small claims case that was filed by Collin Retzlaff, the son of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. The claim was dismissed, however we found it very interesting that the verbiage of the claim is IDENTICAL to other filings Thomas Retzlaff has submitted.


ARTICLE #21 - are the affidavits, submitted under penalty of perjury, which were executed by Collin Retzlaff (son of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff) and Denise Hollas Retzlaff, ex-wife of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff).


ARTICLE #22 - definitely implies collusion between convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff and his ex-wife, Denise Hollas Retzlaff. On March 15th, 2014, Thomas Retzlaff submitted a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the Department of the Navy. The Department of the Navy has confirmed that Thomas Retzlaff is the only person who has ever requested James McGibney's Marine Corps DD214. It was sent to "Denise Foster" which is Denise Retzlaff's maiden name.


ARTICLE #23 -  comes to us directly from the Texas Judicial system which lists Thomas Retzlaff as a vexatious litigant.



ARTICLE #24 - is an opinion that was issued by a Judge in Texas. "The court has apparently decided that it will provide the extreme remedy of applicant's early release from prison (even though a parole panel has determined that this would endanger the public) if the parole panel does not meet the court's extra statutory and arbitrary deadline for reviewing applicant for mandatory supervised release after timely notice to applicant. All of this ignores the ultimate due process question and has the very real potential of putting the security of the public at risk".



ARTICLE #25 - is Thomas Retlzaff's response once he became aware that he was ordered to appear in person for a contempt of court hearing on February 2, 2015. Keep in mind, he sent this email to his daughter, who has a restraining order against him.


ARTICLE #26 - on July 14, 2014, convicted felon and vexatious litigant Thomas Retlzaff filed a lawsuit against Attorney Jay Leiderman. According to the lawsuit, Mr. Retzlaff was suing Jay for calling him a "convicted sex offender". That lawsuit was dismissed on January 9, 2015.


ARTICLE #27 - Thomas Retzlaff has a long history of tormenting people online. This article is self explanatory. He's been on a deleting spree as of late, fortunately we have more than enough evidence to link him DIRECTLY to his alias "james.smith".


ARTICLE #28 - Thomas Retzlaff is not only guilty of Stolen Valor, he actually impersonated another soldier.


ARTICLE #29 - Declaration of Brittany Retzlaff in Support of 86 restraining order violations for contempt of court against Thomas Retzlaff.


ARTICLE #30 - Text messages between Collin Retzlaff and BullyVille Founder James McGibney. 


ARTICLE #31 - emails between Internet Blogger Adam Steinbaugh and "James Smith" aka Thomas Retzlaff.


ARTICLE #32 - Thomas Retlzaff proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he posted naked images of his own daughter that he illegally obtained via a hidden camera.


ARTICLE #33 - For years, Thomas Retzlaff went to great lengths to scrub any photos of him from the web. No worries, we have them all right here. If anyone comes across a photo of convicted felon, stalker, alleged rapist and pedophile, Thomas Retzlaff, please feel free to email them to [email protected].

ARTICLE #34 - Thomas Retzlaff pleads guilty to the charge of tampering with physical evidence.


ARTICLE #35 - Vexatious litigant Thomas Retzlaff desperately tries to expunge his criminal history.


ARTICLE #36 - Partial arrest record/criminal history for convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff.


ARTICLE #37 - An Arizona Attorney has to withdraw from a quash motion case after convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff threatens him. As in many other threatening emails that Retzlaff has sent, he copies his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte in Houston, Texas. Very odd that a "prominent" first amendment attorney would be such "close and personal friends" with a convicted felon, alleged pedophile and rapist.


ARTICLE #38 - Denise Retzlaff testified that Thomas Retzlaff began leaving the children alone in the house when the youngest was three weeks old, that he kept pornographic magazines under the master bed and on the night stand, that he masturbated with the aid of pornographic materials, and that she discovered one of the children imitating Retzlaff’s behavior in front of the pornographic materials at the age of six.  Both children told Dr. Pugliese, the Department’s expert, that they witnessed Retzlaff masturbating and/or watching pornographic movies on the television. One child stated that he occasionally looked through some of the pornographic magazines and watched X-rated movies from his bedroom while Retzlaff was masturbating. He also told a school counselor that Thomas Retzlaff would touch his sister’s older friends in their private places. Both children expressed dislike towards Retzlaff, and one told Dr. Pugliese that she felt uncomfortable around Retzlaff and had no interest in living with him.


ARTICLE #39 - convicted felon, alleged pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff sues his ex-wife Denise Retzlaff Hollas (who currently submits false affidavits on his behalf) and her husband George Hollas.


ARTICLE #40 - Attorney Sue Basko (www.suebasko.com) is a big supporter of convicted felon, alleged rapist and pedophile Thomas Retzlaff. She went as far as submitting a declaration on his behalf in a restraining order hearing. She's also a big supporter of convicted felon Joseph Camp (www.jojocamp.com). She has a thing for convicted felons apparently. Especially felons who relentlessly stalk and threaten women.


ARTICLE #41 - why is a convicted felon, who currently has a warrant for his arrest, filing anything on behalf of attorney Sue Basko? Sue Basko doesn't represent felon Thomas Retzlaff. It's as if they are working together. Is Sue Basko actively helping a convicted felon?


ARTICLE #42 - Did Denise Retzlaff commit perjury on behalf of her ex-husband, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff? Yes she did, and now that he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest, the unraveling of this tangled web of lies and deceit can begin. The question on everyone's mind is why? Why is Denise Hollas Retzlaff signing these blatantly false affidavits and committing perjury on behalf of the man who has ruthlessly stalked and harassed her daughter for years?


ARTICLE #43 - Thomas Retzlaff might want to make sure that his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell gets a copy of his latest filing.


ARTICLE #44 - Even after a warrant was issued for convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff's arrest he continues to violate the restraining order in place.


ARTICLE #45 - Court minutes from contempt hearing held on February 2nd, 2015. Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff was found to be in contempt of court and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.


ARTICLE #46 - Convicted felon and vexatious litigant Thomas Retzlaff pretends he's a lawyer and gets absolutely crushed by Go America, yet another company he tried to scam and stalk.


ARTICLE #47 - Convicted felon, court documented rapist and alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff adds an additional 24 counts of contempt against protected party Brittany Retzlaff. Since the permanent restraining order was issued on July 29th, 2014, Thomas Retzlaff has violated the restraining order 114 times. He currently has a warrant for his arrest but has made it abundantly clear that just like his good buddy Neal Rauhauser (www.neal-rauhauser.com) who has four outstanding warrants for his arrest, Retzlaff simply doesn't "give two shits" about warrants.


ARTICLE #48 - now that we've identified convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff as the infamous "James Smith", this article proves just how psychotic Thomas Retzlaff is. Make sure you read the comments underneath the article by "James Smith".


ARTICLE #49 - Serial Stalker Thomas Retzlaff uses his "James Smith" alias to attempt to blackmail Texas Attorney John Morgan.


ARTICLE #50 - Convicted felon, court documented rapist and alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff, who also has an outstanding warrant for his arrest, has been 100% confirmed as "the klansman". This email address and alias has threatened to rape women and carry out other acts of violence such as the following statement within an email he sent. "If I ever get a chance to kill a homosexual I would do so". He even threatened to rape a woman "until she bleeds" and "I'd rape and murder her in a heartbeat". 


ARTICLE #51 - Who is Collin Retzlaff and what's his role with "the.klansman"? A grand jury subpoena has revealed that the IP address assigned to the "the.klansman" email address is under the COX Internet account of Collin Retzlaff. The Klansman has made horrific online threats of violence and rape, including but not limited to: "I would rape her until she bleeds" and "she needs to be raped and beaten to death". This account has even threatened to kill law enforcement with comments such as "To any FEDS reading this, I will kill you first and worry about the repercussions later."


ARTICLE #52 - The State of California vs. Thomas Retzlaff - Body attachment warrant issued:


ARTICLE #53 - Per convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff's own words, "a white man spends 7 years in a Texas maximum security prison for illegal weapons violations, is a suspect in at least TWO homicides and several assaults on law enforcement in the Michigan/Ohio border areas, was listed by the TDCJ as a member of a Security Threat Group (thus his repeated denials for parole), has numerous staff & inmate assaults on his record, and was only released from prison because he sued his way out (with one of the high court justices commenting that a very dangerous person was being released over her objection). Yeah I'm sure he's a real nice guy". ~ Thomas Retzlaff.

Could this be one of the homicides convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff is referring too? We have additional information that we'll be releasing shortly.


ARTICLE #54 - Per convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff's own words, he was expelled from Drury College for stalking and harassing a female student. He was expelled from the University of Texas (San Antonio) for stalking and harassing a female student. Ironically within the following police report, Retzlaff claims that his professor at Webster University tried to extort him, seriously.


ARTICLE #55 - Thomas Retzlaff recently submitted the following email to the court that was sent to his ex-wife Denise Hollas Retzlaff. Apparently one of his neighbors at 8312 West Elm Street in Phoenix, Arizona had some legitimate safety concerns. According to the email, "I am a resident in the neighborhood in which your ex-husband lives and I am gravely concerned about having this ex-con with sexual assaults, terroristic threats and stalking on his record being allowed to live at 8312 West Elm St. under your son's name."


ARTICLE #56 - Court documented RAPIST Thomas Retzlaff piles on an additional 18 counts of contempt to his already mounting charges (on top of the outstanding warrant for his arrest). To date, Thomas Retzlaff has over 1,000 documented restraining order violations. This is the highest number of restraining order violations ever recorded/documented within the State of California.


ARTICLE #57 - Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell's "very close and personal friend" Thomas Retzlaff sent the following email to opposing counsel in Texas. He also taunts the FBI.

ARTICLE #58 - Alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff continues to stalk his daughter and violate the restraining order in place against him. Within one threatening email he states, "you are next, a lot of people will try to hurt you when you come back. You were warned to stay away from those people, you will suffer".


ARTICLE #59 - Exhibit #3 within these latest batch of harassing emails sent from restrained party Thomas Retzlaff to his daughter really drive home what we've been stating since day 1. Retzlaff, Rauhauser and his "very close and personal friend, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte are thick as thieves.


ARTICLE #60 - some of these emails are very disturbing, considering the FACT that Brittany Retzlaff's sworn affidavit details(http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/BrittanyRetzlaffAffidavit1_1.pdf) her own first hand experiences which convinced her that her biological father THOMAS RETZLAFF IS A PEDOPHILE.


ARTICLE #61 - convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff impersonates FBI Agent Todd Johnson.


According to PIPL.com, the above referenced LinkedIn Profile is associated with [email protected]  


ARTICLE #62 - court documented rapist Thomas Retzlaff has stated dozens of times that he is financially backed by his father Robert Retzlaff. Thomas has even stated that Robert Retzlaff is aware of the fact that Thomas stalks and harasses women and doesn't care. Does this man really openly support a court documented rapist and alleged pedophile? According to Thomas Retzlaff, the answer is yes.


ARTICLE #63 - The People of California vs. Thomas Retzlaff - Another warrant has been issued for the arrest of Thomas Retzlaff. Bail amount has been set at $20,000. And with respect to the Federal Case that was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, no worries, we will be filing our notice of appeal shortly. Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff will be held accountable for his actions, one way or another.

ARTICLE #64 - Court documented rapist and pedophile Thomas Retzlaff is desperately trying to get the following document stricken from the record.

ARTICLE #65 - Besides being a court documented rapist and pedophile, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff is also a woman beater.

ARTICLE #66 - We have seen numerous references within a myriad of court documents about Thomas Retzlaff's military service record and the fact that it "vanished" from the Army personal records center in St. Louis, Missouri. We have spent the past two years trying to locate his missing record for one reason. According to previous filings, specifically from case no: 5:08-CV-00170-OLG (Retzlaff's expulsion from the University of Texas for stalking a female student and fabricating his military record):

SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/ndwrpe3

We have confirmed that Private Thomas Retzlaff has used at least two Social Security Numbers and we know why he has refused to provide him military records within previous court cases. Private Retzlaff received a general discharge, in part, due to the allegations that he stalked a female soldier. Thomas Retzlaff has a well-documented history of stalking and harassing women, and is a court documented rapist. Furthermore, Thomas Retzlaff has lied about his entire military career.

SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/ovpqwuy

Here is Private Thomas Retzlaff's confirmed military history:

Dates of Service: September 2, 1983 to September 7, 1990. Active Service: August 2, 1984 to July 24, 1986 and October 2, 1989 to September 7, 1990. He received a General Discharge as a private first class (partly due to "stalking and harassment of a female soldier"). His place of separation was 502D MP CO 2AD FORSCOM FC, FORT HOOD, TX.

Private Thomas Retzlaff has claimed that he's earned "the bronze star" "a purple heart" and dozens of other service medals. That fact of the matter is that he is guilty of #stolenvalor. His service record clearly shows just how much of a serial liar Thomas Retzlaff is.

Additional information about Private Thomas Retzlaff's stolen valor can be found here:

SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/ozr3ge3

Since Private Thomas Retzlaff is a serial liar, he will most likely claim that either (a) this service record isn't his or (b) that there is a "second service record" for him. Here is the verified signature page that Private Retzlaff executed during his final review of his service record.

For anyone who needs to get a copy of Private Retzlaff's service records for their own court case, especially if you looking to prove his LONG history of stalking women (and rape), simply submit an FOIA (and if needed a subpoena) request to:


Lastly, here is a letter that Retzlaff wrote to Stars and Stripes complaining about the possible implementation of a website that could be used to validate if a service member actually earned a medal they've claimed they earned.


ARTICLE #67 - Retzlaff continues to ignore the restraining order that his daughter has in place against him. He has been stalking and harassing her for over a decade.

ARTICLE #68 - Serial Stalker Thomas Retzlaff continues to stalk and harass an Attorney in Texas.

ARTICLE #69 - Yet another case involving rapist Thomas Retzlaff in which he physically assaults a woman. This case is out of Bell County, Texas:

ARTICLE #70 - Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff sent the following email to a private investigator in Texas on September 18, 2015. Retzlaff is trying to deter this private investigator from digging into the money trail that keeps Retzlaff from having to maintain a real job. The funds that Retzlaff receives allows him to continue his prolific stalking of dozens of victims. Per Thomas Retzlaff's own words, his prolific stalking spree is being funded by his father Bob Retzlaff (www.bobretzlaff.com) who lives and works in Minnesota. (www.postbulletin.com)

ARTICLE #71 - Here is the email that Private Investigator Phil Klein sent to convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. Mr. Klein copied Thomas Retzlaff's father, Bob Retzlaff, who Thomas as stated numerous times is financing his prolific stalking spree that has carried on for decades with dozens of women willing to testify as to how much of a monster court documented rapist and pedophile Thomas Retzlaff truly is.

ARTICLE #72 - Court documented pedophile Thomas Retzlaff not only continues to violate the restraining order his daughter has in place against him, he's now implying that she will be murdered and that he should give her "a bottle of vodka and a loaded gun with one bullet".

ARTICLE #73 - Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff sent the following email to his daughter (who has a restraining order against him). What is most disturbing about the email, besides the fact that Retzlaff is a court documented pedophile, is the picture he included. A convicted felon, who went to prison for having a concealed weapon on school property, now has a semi-automatic weapon in his possession. Besides being a Federal offense (convicted felons cannot posses firearms) he is also continuing to violate the restraining order which forbids him to have any weapons.

ARTICLE #74 - Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff has caused yet another attorney who is opposing counsel against his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte to withdraw from a case due to continued threats and harassment. That is now SEVEN CONFIRMED CASES where opposing counsel was viciously attacked by Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell's "very close and personal friend" convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff. What an unbelievable coincidence. Based off of this continued FACTUAL trend, if you are opposing counsel going against Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, you will have to deal with the following: A convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist, who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest will attack opposing counsel, including their families (especially children) until they withdraw from the case. The threats and harassment will come in the form of email and relentless blog posts, which almost always include pictures of your children with sexual references.

ARTICLE #75 - Court documented pedophile and rapist, Arizona resident (8312 West Elm Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85037) Thomas Retzlaff will be facing a criminal jury trial on November 2nd, 2015. He’s facing over 1,000 counts of contempt of court for repeatedly violating a restraining order. Within every hearing to date, over the past two years; he has refused to appear in person but has paid big money to have some high powered defense attorneys appear for him.  We will refrain from mentioning those attorneys by name because quite frankly, they were good people who were visibly disturbed by Retzlaff once they figured out how disgusting of a human being he truly is. Besides being a court documented pedophile and rapist, Thomas C. Retzlaff served eight years in prison for having a concealed weapon on elementary school property. Lord only knows what his intentions were that day.

On October 13th, 2015, we had a pre-trial hearing and as usual, convicted felon Thomas C. Retzlaff didn’t appear because he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Instead, Attorney Peter Bianchi from the Independent Defense Counsels office (County of Santa Clara) appeared on his behalf. Apparently self-proclaimed trust fund recipient Thomas Retzlaff was able to secure representation, using tax payer funds from the hard working citizens of Santa Clara County, even though he has fought Santa Clara County, CA jurisdiction since we, along with his daughter, filed a restraining order against him.  

According to The Independent Defense Counsel’s office of Santa Clara, CA, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff has qualified as being “indigent”. Furthermore, apparently you don’t even need to be a resident of Santa Clara County, or even a resident of the State of California to qualify. This convicted felon has not only pulled off a scam against the IDCO, he’s blatantly scamming the hard working tax payers of Santa Clara County as well. But just don’t take our word for it……..

EXHIBIT #1 - The following email was sent from court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff to his daughter (who he lost parental rights to, and has a permanent restraining order against him) on October 14th, 2015.

EXHIBIT #2 - The following post was created by convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff on his blog on October 13th, 2015.

ARTICLE #76 - Over the next 96 hours, we will be releasing convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff's ENTIRE Department of Corrections record from Texas. Details that are so horrific and despicable that it makes you wonder how a court documented pedophile and rapist was EVER let out of prison.



IMAGE #3 - Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Entry Photo. 

Thomas Christopher Retzlaff's eight year sentence was due, in part, to the following: (1) having a concealed weapon on elementary school property; (2) Tampering/Fabricating physical evidence; (3) Sell/Distribution/Display of harmful material to a minor; (4) Violation of a protective order; (5) Assault/Rape/bodily harm against a protected party. 

IMAGE #4 - Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Exit Photo

ARTICLE #77 - Court documented pedophile Thomas Christopher Retzlaff continues to violate the restraining order that his daughter has in place against him.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Tom Retzlaff <[email protected]>
Date: October 17, 2015 at 12:02:00 AM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <[email protected]>

You do understand that you will be destroyed as a result of your involvement with these idiots. You will never have your life back. You will never have your personal safety back. Your life will always be in danger. Always. 

Piss Boy lost his judge today. There will be no trial on November 2nd. But, wait! There's more - Piss Boy has lost more than just the judge. The documents will hit the appeals court Monday afternoon. 

Oh oh. Not so 'oh oh.'

I wonder if Piss Boy has some nigger blood in him cuz he certainly seems as dumb as one. Why on earth he thinks I give a shit about him posting a 20 old prison mug shot of me is very strange. He acts like I am embarrassed about that shit or am hiding from it. Dumb ass. I have my prison ID card put on acrylic plastic and mounted on a plaque that I put on the wall of the office I had at the law firm I worked at. 

Going to prison is nothing to be embarrassed about. In today's society it's nothing. I can vote. Run for office. Even own a gun (or several - hahaha). 

This isn't the 1950's. Millions upon millions have been in jail.

But this dumb nigger acts like posting it on his website is something special. It just shows how sexually obsessed with me he is. Like the faggot he is. What a weirdo. 

Well. Thankful I got free lawyers and don't have to spend anymore monies. Poor Pee Boy stuck paying his bills. I have none. 

Now his judge is gone. His attorney will also be disqualified as well. Speaking of attorneys, has that punk Klein got a new attorney yet? Hahahaha.

Piss Boy will have to sit for a deposition, too. That won't be pretty. But it will be funny. 

Destroying him was funny. But he never should have put your name in his mouth. He lives on the internet and constantly worries about his reputation. I don't, and I don't care.  


ARTICLE #78 - Court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Christopher Retzlaff was ordered to register as a sex offender and stay away from children. A check of the Texas and Arizona sex offender registries indicates that Retzlaff never complied with the terms of his release in the two States which he has claimed residency. Here is a link to the high resolution documents.


ARTICLE #79 - Court documented PEDOPHILE and rapist Thomas Retzlaff decided to re-victimize his daughter by posting her illegally obtained naked images all over his blog. Retzlaff obtained those images by using a hidden camera. The following exchange took place between Brittany and her mother, Denise Hollas Retzlaff. We are encouraged by the fact that Denise finally realizes what her daughter has been trying to tell her all along. Thomas Retzlaff carried out one of the worst acts of revenge porn imaginable, he did it to his daughter. Retzlaff is a monster who destroyed this poor girls life and has ZERO REMORSE for what he has done, and continues to do to her.

ARTICLE #80 - Court documented STALKER Thomas Retzlaff has a history of ignoring restraining orders, and subsequently, RAPING his victims. Here is just one example of his blatant disregard for a court issued restraining order which he violated thirty-four times.

ARTICLE #81 - Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff left the following voicemail for an attorney who was opposing counsel against his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. This voicemail combined with numerous harassing emails caused this attorney to withdraw from a case due to continued threats and harassment. That is now SEVEN CONFIRMED CASES where opposing counsel was viciously attacked by Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell's "very close and personal friend" convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff.



**Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff was so upset that the voicemail he left for that attorney in Texas (who was opposing counsel against his "very close and personal friend" Jeffrey Dorrell) was made public, that he sent him the following email:

ARTICLE #82 - Thomas Retzlaff continues to violate a lawful restraining order placed against him out of California. These continued violations are part of the reason why there is an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Here are links to four separate voicemails in which Thomas Retzlaff contacts a company in California and clearly identifies himself as being the caller.

ARTICLE #83 - Court documented pedophile Thomas Retzlaff, who lost all parental rights because he's a child predator, sent the following email to a Sheriff's department who is involved in a missing child case. He once again mentions his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. Yet another example of the fact that Retzlaff loves to harass and stalk anyone who is on the opposing side of Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.


ARTICLE #84 - Here is the last known photo of court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff. It was taken in Phoenix, Arizona on or about December 25, 2015 **Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff claims to be the "copyright owner" of the image that was previously displayed, therefore we have replaced it with one of his arrest intake photos:

ARTICLE #85 - Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff admits what almost everyone involved with these two criminals already knew. He and Neal Rauhauser (www.nealrauhauser.com) are partners in crime and have orchestrated quite a scam, so it appears. Now BullyVille is going to do what, quite frankly, we should have done when their attacks began two years ago. #brainsoverbullies

ARTICLE #86 - Court documented PEDOPHILE Thomas Retzlaff continues to violate the lawful restraining order in place and sent the following email to BullyVille. The fact of the matter is that he will never understand why his daughter refuses to let him continue to control and torment her. She will always have a restraining order in place against him, she will always be stronger than he is. Just an FYI, the "JD" that Retzlaff references is his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.

ARTICLE #87 - Court documented stalker Thomas Retzlaff continues to do what he does best, intimidate Attorney's who are opposing counsel of his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanzsen Laporte.

ARTICLE #88 - The following police report was submitted by Brittany Retzlaff. She is the victim of revenge porn at the hands of her father. She reported him for stalking and online harassment. She has also gone on record stating that based on her own personal experience, that her father, Thomas Retzlaff, is a pedophile. Brittany submitted additional police reports against Thomas Retzlaff that will be posted shortly. This report was based on Retzlaff stalking her and her employer. Brittany is just one of dozens of victims who Retzlaff has brutally stalked and harassed.

ARTICLE #89 - Yet another case where Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell's "very close and personal friend" court documented pedophile Thomas Retzlaff makes an appearance. And as always, Mr. Retzlaff makes sure he copies attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.

ARTICLE #90 - Court documented pedophile Thomas Retzlaff continues to violate the active restraining order his daughter has in place against him. This email is very disturbing, he actually had a photo of him taken in her old bedroom.

ARTICLE #91 - Thomas Retzlaff continues to solidify the close bond that he and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte share. He openly admits the scam that he helped orchestrate with the help of dead beat Dad and fugitive Neal Rauhauser (www.neal-rauhauser.com) and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.

ARTICLE #92 - Thomas Retzlaff's partner in crime, Neal Rauhauser (www.neal-rauhauser.com) has decided to join in on the harassment and stalking of Brittany Retzlaff. He knows that Brittany has a permanent restraining order in place against his pal Thomas Retzlaff and that she's endured decades of harassment and stalking at the hands of her father. Yet Neal wants Brittany's advice as to when Retzlaff is going to "back down from a situation like this"? And Neal's "unwanted attention" is well earned and equally deserved. That's what happens when you're 14 years behind on child support and have four outstanding warrants for your arrest, you tend to move around a lot to avoid law enforcement. Rauhauser is desperately trying to distance himself from Retzlaff, I guess there really is no honor among thieves.

ARTICLE #93 - Within Article #66 (above) we posted documents which prove that Thomas Retzlaff is guilty of stolen valor. Here is some additional evidence. Private Retzlaff ordered the following certificates from this company online back in 2006. This is the invoice from that transaction. He even ordered a certificate for his father, Robert Retzlaff, for his Cold War Certification. That very well may be legitimate, however we can assure you, as can Private Retzlaff's military record posted within Article #66 that he never earned any of these badges or certificates. His is a pathological liar.

ARTICLE #94 - Yet another stalking and harassment victim of Thomas Christopher Retzlaff. The following police report was filed by a woman in Texas who continues to receive death threats by convicted felon and court documented rapist Thomas Retzlaff.

ARTICLE #95 - Due to the fact that the following Exhibits are tied into YET ANOTHER ACTIVE INVESTIGATION involving court documented pedophile Thomas Retzlaff, we will refrain from posting the source at this time. You will be left with two questions after reading these emails. (1) How could a father ever speak this way towards his own daughter and (2) Why is Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte such "close and personal friends" with this MONSTER?


ARTICLE #97 - Thomas Retzlaff loves to impersonate people. For example, he has impersonated an FBI agent and we've now discovered that he literally made up an investigation firm which was confirmed by the Texas Rangers. We will be posting the full report shortly, however this right here shows you just how much he torments and stalks his daughter. First he posts her naked images all over the web. When he gets caught red handed he creates a fake investigation company and pretends to be looking for the culprit.

ARTICLE #98 - Another email uncovered during the investigation by the Texas Rangers of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. Per his own words "You know some guys say that they would rather die then go back to prison. While that is true for me, in addition to that I'd be willing to commit murder then go back".

ARTICLE #99 - The following is a portion of a Skype interview that occurred back in May 2014 between Attorney Jay Leiderman and Brittany Retzlaff. Brittany confirms that her biological father, Thomas Retzlaff, posted naked images of her all over the web. She also confirms her desire to be added to our workplace violence restraining order against Thomas Retzlaff.

Click here to listen to the Skype interview:

From: Important [email address redacted]
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2014 11:16 AM
To: James
Subject: Re: Restraining Order



I Brittany Retzlaff, request restraining against Thomas Christopher Retzlaff who is my father. For many years starting at very young age I have been a victim of Thomas' harassment and or emotional and physical abuse. Presently for more than 5 years he has written threatening text messages and emails regarding my life and being verbally abusive by calling me very degrading names. He has called my previous employment in Texas numerous times to harass me and had presented himself various times in attempts to preventing me to leave the office parking lot through blockage of his vehicle. At my previous residence in New Mexico  and while visiting family in Arizona, would station himself outside the residence contributing to being an even further nuisance. I also profoundly believe he has without my knowledge taken inappropriate photos of myself and has posted them in the Internet under the name Brittany Cintron and Brittany Retzlaff, in addition to horrific posts or blogs directed towards me under various usernames and has falsely posed as myself through social medias such as Facebook. He has hacked my bank accounts knowing any and all transactions made by myself and would receive my personal bank statements to his PO Box. 

I firmly have every reason to believe any threats towards my life written or spoken by Thomas Retzlaff because one he is a been in prison, two he personally owns weapons, three he has a long history of physical and sexual harassment done to others, four his history of physical abuse to my self as a child under his care, and five his lack of respect and fear for the laws. 

ARTICLE #100 - Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff continues to ignore a lawfully issued restraining order that his daughter has against him and incessantly keeps emailing her. As usual, he discusses his plans to murder private investigator Phil Klein and Bullyville Founder James McGibney. If you look closely within the photo he included, there is a handgun on his nightstand. A convicted felon is not allowed to possess guns but why should that stop a court documented pedophile and rapist? We have alerted the ATF and FBI and we're confident that Retzlaff's partner in crime, fugitive, wife beater, deadbeat dad and pedophile supporter Neal Rauhauser will contact the ATF (as he's done before) and try to convince them that the image was "photoshopped".


From: [email protected]
Date: May 9, 2016 at 10:08:17 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <
[email protected]>
Subject: (no subject)

Do these two guys look the slightest bit afraid of that Piss Boy faggot McGibney? Do they look scared of the police, intimidated by court orders or give two shits about restraining orders?  If I had to guess, the only reason why McGibney was not shot dead on the courthouse steps last month is because we already knew that we had won the case.  The next step is to maneuver Klein into a position where he can be murdered and a knife or gun planted on his body, or not.  Stand Your Ground and all that good stuff, right?

ARTICLE #101 - In some ways it is just tragic that Denise Retzlaff Hollas continues to aid and abet a court documented pedophile and rapist who she helped put behind bars in first place. Unfortunately that is exactly what she has decided to do. Money truly is the root of all evil. The following false police report was allegedly filed by Denise Retzlaff Hollas against the private investigator who has been dealing with her rapist ex-husband for many years. According to the report, which we will be posting shortly, Denise allegedly lied to the Arizona Highway Patrol by stating that she had surveillance footage of  Mr. Klein on her property while he was "harassing" her. Mr. Klein lives in Texas, Denise lives in Phoenix, AZ. If you're wondering why she didn't report this to the Sheriff's department or the local police, the answer is simple. Those departments are very familiar with the Retzlaff name for all the wrong reasons.

ARTICLE #102 - Vexatious litigant Thomas Retzlaff plays lawyer as he represents Denise Retzlaff Hollas' current husband Rick Hollas. I guess money will make some people forget that Thomas Retzlaff is a documented pedophile and rapist. CVS claims that they've been trying to compensate Mr. Hollas but haven't been permitted to speak to Rick Hollas and haven't received any copies of the bills from the hospital. Retzlaff gives his riveting argument beginning at the 19:50 mark of the following video which can be publically found at:

ARTICLE #103 - Vexatious litigant Thomas Retzlaff threatens to go after CVS because he's now involved in "pharmaceutical malpractice". Typical Retzlaff is trying to get sanctions and fees out of CVS, apparently he hasn't received a dime. Retzlaff's performance begins at the 30:25 mark.


ARTICLE #104 - Has fugitive Thomas Retzlaff had a falling out with his fugitive co-conspirator Neal Rauhauser? Besides committing fraud recently in order to obtain some domains in Neal Rauhauser's name (http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1079) he has now fully thrown Neal under the bus. Considering Brittany has stated within numerous affidavits that she forwards every email she receives to the FBI, you can guarantee the FBI is fully aware of Retzlaff's latest admission. Retzlaff is correct about one statement he made below, shit is most certainly "about to get real".

From: [email protected]
Date: June 29, 2016 at 1:02:18 AM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <[email protected]>
Subject: (no subject)

Every so often it is sometime fun to pull back the curtain, so to speak, and reveal some of the "inside" happenings so you can share in the fun.  This time is no different, though I suspect you may not find this as funny as some of the other inside things I have told you.

Remember how one of my "co-conspirators" is this computer hacker dude? Anyways I had an idea a year ago because I was curious to see who else might be reading your emails and where they might be getting forwarded to (recall Piss Boy was claiming you were forwarding your emails to super secret FBIs, police and especially the filthy jew and that Catty Idiot guy). So I asked this guy Neal if he knew of a way to create a file that, when it gets forwarded and passed along, would be able to tell me where it has been.  "Do I ever!" was the response.

Recall that every so often I would send you pdf files of some of the court papers or exhibits and shit like that?  So this guy, or more likely a guy that this guy knows, placed some kind of spyware or virus (or an "exploit" i think is the proper term) inside these pdf's so that every time they would get opened they would send a signal or some other kind of nerd thing I don't understand, but it would create some kind of back door or something so that we would get information on the IP addresses of the people who had clicked and looked at it.  That way we could find out who all has been involved in seeing your emails!

Pretty neat, eh?  Kinda of an ET Phone Home deal but with pdf's.  After all, none of those stupid McGibney Gang hacker guys would ever think to worry about something like that especially knowing that it comes from you, right?  Brittany would never try to send them malware infected pdf files to mess with their shit cuz she's on their side, right?

So for the past 13 or 14 months I have been occasionally sending you infected pdf's filled with malware or viruses that you have unknowingly been passing along to your buddies so that all of us Good Guys can follow the trail of IP address bread crumbs.

I do not understand how all that hack shit works. But the nice thing is - I DON'T HAVE TO.  The nice thing is that it works.  So whatever.


So now we got all these IP address.  And I guess those hacker dudes of Neal's will figure out what it all means and if anything there is interesting.


(did i ever tell you how much i love you, sweetie?  well i do!!)

and I just took away some of Mcfaggot's websites this week and he is all in a rage.  Dumb ass needs to save his rage for when things really start to get horrific as you ain't seen nothing yet, babe!  Shits about to get real!!!

ARTICLE #105 - Felon Thomas Retzlaff filed the following false Police Report in Arizona against private investigator Phil Klein. As usual, he mentions his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. Retzlaff claims that "Heather Fox" was a witness to this "crime". Who is Heather Fox?

And here are the results of the investigation conducted by the Arizona DPS.

Why in the world would convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff submit a false police report against Phil Klein you ask? The answer couldn't be clearer. He did it so he could try to extort money out of Phil Klein's insurance carrier.

ARTICLE #106 - It recently came to our attention that Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell's "very close and personal friend" court documented rapist and pedophile Thomas Retzlaff committed fraud. Retzlaff submitted false documentation to Godaddy in order to fraudulently transfer the ownership of our domains nealrauhauser.com, net and .org from BullyVille directly to Retzlaff. We immediately contacted GoDaddy and the proper authorities and those domains are now under the possession (and remain locked) of Godaddy pending the ongoing investigation, which we are fully cooperating with. Unfortunately it appears that Arizona based GoDaddy has been yet another victim of Retzlaff's continuous spree of fraudulent activity.

Now here's what's interesting and might we add, very telling. An attorney in Texas, who has been dealing with Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and his "very close and personal friend" Thomas Retzlaff for years, issued a couple of subpoenas to GoDaddy. He wanted any and all communication between GoDaddy and Thomas Retzlaff with respect to the fraud that Retzlaff perpetrated upon GoDaaddy. See, according to this attorney, and based off the same FACTUAL claims that we've been making for years, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and Thomas Retzlaff have been working in unison for years.

It wasn't surprising to see Retzlaff submit a quash motion in an effort to do everything possible for GoDaddy not to release that information. However, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell also submitted a quash motion. Why in the world would Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell oppose GoDaddy releasing communications between them and Retzlaff? Furthermore, Neal Rauhauser is Dorrell's current client in his active case involving BullyVille. Surely he would want to expose this fraud just as much as we would right?

Mr. Dorrell has submitted, under penalty of perjury, that he doesn't even know Thomas Retzlaff and that Retzlaff is a "crazed lunatic". Well, we can guarantee that the fraudulent activity that Retzlaff committed against ourselves and GoDaddy will be revealed soon enough. We will give Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't aware of any of the fradulant activity that Retzlaff committed against his client Neal Rauhauser, and us, and that Retzlaff most certainly didn't claim that he was acting on behalf of Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and/or Hanszen Laporte when he committed this fraud. More to come. Here is just a small sampling of the intimidation tactics Retzlaff is attempting to apply on anyone involved with these subpoenas, and wouldn't you know it, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell is copied on some of those intimidation emails.

ARTICLE #107 - Convicted Felon Thomas Retzlaff, through his [email protected] email address, threatens to burn down private investigator Phil Klein's house with his family in it.

ARTICLE #108 - Convicted Felon Thomas Retzlaff continues to make death threats towards BullyVille founder James McGibney and his family.

Continuous death threats from a coward like Thomas Retzlaff are nothing new, he's been making them for years.

ARTICLE #109 - Convicted Felon, pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff recently sent the following letter to a radio station in Texas. Thomas doesn't like it when people get the word out about the FACT that he's a convicted felon, pedophile and rapist who stalks people, especially women and children, because he's a coward. And, as always, he makes sure to copy his very close and personal friend, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.

ARTICLE #110 - Convicted Felon, pedophile and rapist Thomas sends yet another threatening email to opposing counsel of his "very close and personal friend" Jeffrey Dorrell:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <
[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 10:13 AM
Subject: EM & VBM v. Klein & Landess - Notice of Hearing
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Dear Gentleman,

15 minutes after having breakfast this morning at the Plaza Club I was in the courthouse taking to Random Chick in Civil Presiding making sure that my motion to DQ got set for Tuesday, along with all the rest of the good stuff.  So attached is the signed Order personally stamped by Pozza right in front of me setting my motion to Disqualify Morgan and Wenzel from this case for hearing on Oct 11.  Sorry guys, but it is time for y'all to go.  Your client can blame Morgan for being a dumb ass, Louis.  And then he can blame you for allowing Morgan to link Klein's defense to his and, thus, ruining Landess' case.

And Morgan, here's a clue for you:  I was never not going to be there at the TCPA hearing in person - seriously.  That was always the plan.

I am going to give you a beat down like you have never, ever had before in your life - and the same goes double for Klein (assuming he even shows up).  After all, many people call San Antonio my second home, though I think La Cantera actually holds that honor, but whatever.  But Morgan if you thought I would NOT be there to administer my beating of both you and Klein IN PERSON, well you thought wrong.  A lot of people have waiting a long time to see this happen and I won't leave my friends disappointed.  This court hearing is going to be GREAT!

Mr. Wenzel, you might not be aware of this, but the last time ol' John here was on the witness stand was during his child custody case.  He actually passed out and then peed all over himself!!  I think at one point he was on the floor of the men's room and his ex-wife had to take him to the hospital because no one else in the courthouse wanted to give him a ride, at least that's the story I heard.  But I won't be so gentile, not by a long short.

The main point is that this is gonna be real super fun.  Morgan's buddies were tweeting up quite a little storm yesterday - all two of them, just tweeting back and forth.  Back and forth, tweet tweet, tweet. Tuesday I will give them all something to tweet about.  Grilling Morgan like a cheeseburger on the witness stand is but the first of many parts that have all finally come together.  By the time I get done with Klein, and post the transcript online for the world, he won't be able to run any more of his missing child scams ever again.

Hey Mr. Dorrell, do law firms the size of, say, a two man operation up on the shitty part 281 - not the part by The Quarry and Zoo, but the shitty part north of the airport around Bitters - but do you think law firms like that can afford liability insurance?  Or do they ride bare like Morgan does?  When I drop that hammer I want to make sure I get paid for my troubles.  When two crooked attorneys try to conspire against me and play some silly games, well that just cannot go unanswered.

Anyways the State Bar will be getting a copy of the audio and transcript from our hearings, so I guess I will have to try keep my use of profanities to a minimum  But anyways, this is gonna be a super fun time!!

Best regards,


It appears that Serial Stalker Thomas Retzlaff is very upset. Probably has something to do with the GoDaddy subpoena results which once again prove the "very close and personal relationship" that exists between court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. Click here to view the Godaddy Subpoena results:


ARTICLE #111 - A Texas Court has ordered that all pleadings made by vexatious litigant Thomas Retzlaff be stricken from the record within a case involving Private Investigator Philip Klein. Furthermore, the court has prohibited Retzlaff from filing any additional pleadings, motions, letters or documents.

ARTICLE #112 - Convicted Felon, Court documented Pedophile and Rapist Thomas Retzlaff recently filed a document within our restraining order case against him in California. What we found interesting is that Denise Hollas Retzlaff filed yet another declaration on behalf of the man whom her own daughter has a restraining order against.

The same man who sent this email to her daughter and even copied her on the email!

The same man who allegedly posted her on CheaterVille.

For years we've been giving Denise Hollas Retzlaff the benefit of the doubt, assuming she is a victim of Thomas as well, however we have uncovered new, very disturbing evidence which proves that she has been aiding and abetting Retzlaff within some of his activities. But why? Why would a mother continue to help a man whom HER OWN DAUGHTER has a restraining order against? According to Denise, she is a "great mother" because she helps out her daughter financially when needed. To the rest of society, a "great mother" would do everything humanly possible to protect their own flesh and blood from a pedophile and rapist. But not Denise Hollas Retzlaff, instead of protecting her daughter from this monster, she's been helping him. Now the time has come to answer the million dollar question, why?

We started to review the publically available bankruptcy documents of Denise Hollas Retzlaff and her husband, George Hollas.

We then went back and took another look at the EXIF data from a photo that Retzlaff posted on his blog dedicated to the founder of Bullyville.

That photo was taken by Denise on her iPhone, (that Retzlaff purchased for her), in front of her house.

Publically available image for 11833 W. Rosewood Dr, El Mirage, AZ 85335 via Google Maps.

And here are a few photos of convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff inside of Denise and George's house. **Due to an alleged copyright claim submitted by convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff, we have replaced two of the images below with his arrest and intake photos.

Now here's where things get interesting. Right around the time Denise Retzlaff Hollas and George Hollas' bankruptcy, their house was set for auction to the highest bidder.

And merely days before the auction, Denise and George were able to keep their house. But how you ask? All you need to do is follow the money trail, which we will be posting shortly. Needless to say, Denise Retzlaff Hollas and George Hollas are still in their home on Rosewood Drive and court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff still visits them at least twice a week, usually after 5pm when Denise gets off work. He visits them so often you would think he lives there.

ARTICLE #113 - Internet tough guy, all 5ft, 7 inches of him, Thomas Retzlaff makes yet another ridiculous threat towards an attorney who is opposing counsel of his very close and personal friend, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. If there's one thing we've learned about Retzlaff over the past three years it's this. He is nothing but a COWARD. He's not beating anyone up, and he's most certainly not going to confront anyone physically (unless you are either a woman, a child, or anyone under 5ft tall). Any balls that this piece of crap had left were taken from him (forcefully from what we've read) during his eight years in prison. Thomas Retzlaff is the very definition of a COWARD.

ARTICLE #114 - Internet Tough Guy Thomas Retzlaff sent the following email to opposing counsel of his very close and personal friend Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. As usual, he makes veiled death threats and, of course, his normal extortion attempts to get opposing counsel of his pal Jeffrey Dorrell to "get out of the case" and offer "compensation".

ARTICLE #115 - It has come to our attention that Retzlaff' ex-wife, Denise Hollas Retzlaff, is now a notary in the State of Arizona. What's disturbing is the fact that she is notarizing court documents submitted by her pedophile/rapist ex, Thomas Retzlaff. Keep in mind, Denise Hollas is supporting a man who has threatened to kill her daughter and her daughter has even submitted an affidavit stating that based off her own personal experiences, that her father, Thomas Retzlaff is a PEDOPHILE. What kind of a woman would support a man who threatens to kill her own daughter? Denise Hollas Retzlaff, that's who.

ARTICLE #116 - We've always wondered why George Hollas, husband to Denise Retzlaff Hollas, would be friends with pedophile and rapist, Thomas Retzlaff.

Well, at least according to Arizona Court records, George Hollas and Thomas Retzlaff have quite a bit in common. For example, they both have a documented history of harassing women. We will be posting additional information shortly.

ARTICLE #117 - Pedophile and Rapist Thomas Retzlaff threatens to harm the underage child of BullyVille's founder, James McGibney. Retzlaff has a long history of being fixated on children, both sexually and violently. Isn't it amazing that Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte is such "close and personal friends" with a pedophile and rapist like Thomas Retzlaff?

ARTICLE #118 - Fascinating email sent from Pedophile Thomas Retzlaff to his daughter's husband, who lives overseas. One has to wonder how Retzlaff's "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell feels about Retzlaff's views on homosexuality?

ARTICLE #119 - We rarely address pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff directly, however after reading the following email that he sent to his daughter's husband, we felt compelled to do so.

Hey Thomas, how did it feel when you read that affidavit from Brittany confirming that you are a pedophile? It must enrage you knowing that you can't control her like you do Denise. You slithered your way out of the restraining order she had against you, and even managed to slither your way out of that warrant for your arrest (for violating that restraining order). However, that is irrelevant, because as far as we're concerned, you'll never stop being a pedophile and it's just a matter of time before you get caught again and this time your prison experience will be much worse than the first seven year stretch was for you.....much.....much worse. Tick tock you pedophile rapist, we're just getting started.


ARTICLE #120 - Court documented RAPIST Thomas Retzlaff made the following post on his blog and sent the subsequent email to BullyVille's founder, James McGibney, shortly thereafter.

Hey Thomas, your veiled threats fall upon deaf ears, however we do have one question for you. Why would a prominent Attorney, such as Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, be such "close and personal" friends with a court documented pedophile and rapist like yourself?

ARTICLE #121 - Thomas Retzlaff sure has A LOT IN COMMON with his buddy, George "Rick" Hollas.

ARTICLE #122 - Another death threat towards BullyVille's founder by #toughguytommy. Guess Thomas feels comfortable making death threats, why wouldn't he? He's got a "prominent" first amendment attorney, aka Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, as his "very close and personal friend."

ARTICLE #123 - Denise Hollas Retzlaff continues to aid and abet pedophile and rapist Thomas Christopher Retzlaff in his stalking and harassment campaign. Thomas filed the following false complaint in hopes of getting a Bail Bonds company to stop working with a very well known private investigator in Texas who has been exposing Retzlaff (for the POS he is) for years. 

ARTICLE #124 - Per her own words, Denise Hollas Retzlaff not only admits to numerous affairs while married to court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff, she also admits that Thomas IS NOT THE FATHER of Brittany Retzlaff.

ARTICLE #125 - "Since the loss of my children, I think a lot about death and suicide. The pain and emptiness is so great". ~ Thomas Christopher Retzlaff wrote the following letter to a Judge in Texas while he was in jail. He lost his parental rights as a result of his alleged acts of pedophilia. Luckily, per article #124 it appears he isn't the biological father of at least one of them.

ARTICLE #126 - The following  prison love letter was authored by one of the most revered literary geniuses of our time, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff.

ARTICLE #127 - The following affidavit was submitted by Denise Retzlaff Hollas within her divorce proceedings against pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff. Upon Thomas Retzlaff's arrest for acts of pedophilia towards children, including his own, the Texas Department of Public Safety further concluded that Denise Retzlaff Hollas was not fit to take care of the children and temporarily removed them from her custody. Thomas Retzlaff permanently lost custody of his children. Denise also admits that Thomas broke into her house and erased evidence that could have been used against him.

ARTICLE #128 - Yet another affidavit submitted by Denise Hollas Retzlaff. Within this affidavit she states that Thomas Retzlaff left her a voicemail message informing her that judges are "scared" of him. Thomas might have a valid point with respect to that claim. We've noticed, time and time again, that Retzlaff will attempt to intimidate lawyers and judges and what do most of those cases have in common? The opposing counsel is usually his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.

ARTICLE #129 - After Thomas Retzlaff was arrested for pedophilia offenses, most of his belongings were sold by Denise Retzlaff Hollas. Even though Tom's father financially supports him now (for reasons we'll never understand), there was a time when he CLEARLY knew what a POS his son was. Ironically within this letter, Thomas Retzlaff's brother, Scott Retzlaff even notarizes this filing.

ARTICLE #130 - The following police report was filed by Brittany Retzlaff against pedophile and rapist Thomas Christopher Retzlaff. It includes text messages that were sent (and verified via a subpoena) from Thomas to Brittany. We will publish the entire report after we've had a chance to track down a few additional leads that this investigation presented. After reading just a small portion of these verified text messages it left us wondering (a) why would Denise Hollas allow any man to talk to her daughter like this? What's ever worse is that she still supports him to this day. (b) Why is Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte such "close and personal friends" with this monster? (c) Why does Bob Retzlaff continue to financially support his son?


PART 2 of the El Paso Police Report filed against pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff:

ARTICLE #131 - According to racist Thomas Retzlaff, this website is actually helping him in achieving his numerous scams against others and his "lawfare schemes".  In other news, Tubby Tommy might want to hit the gym.


ARTICLE #132 - No wonder why Denise Hollas Retzlaff had SO MANY affairs while married to Tubby Tommy.

ARTICLE #133 - Thomas Retzlaff was not to happy when he received a subpoena to appear for questioning within a case in Texas. The questions would most certainly pertain to his deep involvement with his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell. In typical Retzlaff fashion, he sent the following threatening email to the woman who was going to handle the deposition, and as with any other threatening email, he copies Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.

ARTICLE #134 - On May 5, 2017, the Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio, TX confirmed that convicted felon Thomas "Tom" Retzlaff is a vexatious litigant.

Source: http://www.search.txcourts.gov/SearchMedia.aspx?MediaVersionID=07acc86e-c077-4693-ba1f-1ceadc46d2a8&coa=coa04&DT=Order&MediaID=b2ce0e9f-59cd-4b51-ad9f-45973e3ba0d7

ARTICLE #135 - Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff was charged with assault for allegedly running into a Springfield Missouri Police Officer, with this motorcycle, while attempting to flee the scene.

Click to view larger image:

ARTICLE #136 - Klein Investigations sent out the following press release warning the community about court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff.

ARTICLE #137 - Court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff sent the following letter to BullyVille's Attorney Evan Stone.

According to his partner in crime, fugitive Neal Rauhauser, this letter is "funny". Neal is chatting with his buddy Jennifer D'Alessandro, who has a prior arrest for hacking.

Retzlaff made sure to send a copy of the letter to his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. If we didn't know better, we'd be convinced that a line or two came directly from Jeffrey Dorrell himself.

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Posted By: HumanGarbage | 11/21/14 9:03 PM
What a complete piece of shit this guy is. Karma is going to kick this douchenozzle right in his saggy tits.
Posted By: backstreet | 12/04/14 7:39 PM
P E D O P H I L E. Seriously.
Posted By: Retzslapp | 12/04/14 8:13 PM
And the ass pounding of Tommy boy continues.
Posted By: Horriblemom | 12/23/14 11:41 AM
Just finishing reading the emails that Tom sent Brittany, he is one sick son of a bitch. Denise should be thrown in jail for not protecting her daughter, what a failure as a mother. God will severely punish her for not protecting her own child.
Posted By: Brittanyhatesyou | 1/28/15 8:56 AM
Posted By: iHate | 2/19/15 7:29 AM
This guy will share the same fate as Hunter Moore. Mess with the bull and you get the horns. #gobullyville!
Posted By: Dontgetit | 3/06/15 8:26 AM
How is this guy not in jail? Our judicial system is a f*cking disaster and this proves it.
Posted By: southbeach | 3/09/15 2:18 PM
I have lost faith in humanity. His poor daughter, how could a father say those things to his own flesh and blood? #teambrittany
Posted By: childrenfirst | 3/12/15 11:35 AM
typical pedophile, they have the same traits like stalking, rape, very controlling over other people.
Posted By: creepy | 6/09/15 3:24 PM
Pedophile doesn't even scratch the surface.
Posted By: creepy | 6/09/15 3:23 PM
"I'm in your room again. Was spending the night and just woke up. I could have sworn I can smell soft flowers"
This guy is creepy as f*ck.
Posted By: antichrist | 6/13/15 7:38 AM
This guy is such a racist, and a pedophile, and a rapist.
Posted By: privatepedo | 9/19/15 8:04 PM
#privatepedo Thomas Retzlaff reporting for duty sir!
Posted By: LOLHAHAHAHA | 10/12/15 4:29 PM
What a lying dumbass Tom Retzaff is. First he says he lives at 2402 East Esplanade Lane Phoenix, AZ 85016 in an expensive high rise condo. He talks about his dog chasing the cleaning person out to the elevator and then in the next sentence talks about them being on the patio and jumping over a 4 foot fence.

And here as per usual, he sends his poor daughter who wants nothing to do with her lying loser dad, more pictures of the SAME CRAPPY house on Elm Street in Phoenix that he has always been in. SAME crappy carpet, SAME crappy floorboards, SAME crappy furniture. How pathetic that he has to lie to pretend to be more than what he is. He's a loser.
Posted By: banhammer | 10/17/15 7:06 AM
He's a career stalking rapist. #teambrittany
Posted By: banhammer | 10/17/15 7:05 AM
Greetings bullyville, thank you for never retreating from this pedophile rapist. #teambrittany
Posted By: IGotRetzlaffEvicted | 1/16/16 2:50 PM
Since Thomas Christopher Retzlaff picked Bullyville as a target to stalk, harass and engage in lawfare - he has been uncharacteristically restrained. He has been adept at walking up to the edge of the line of what is legal and illegal. Thomas, or Tummy, as Some Random Troll No One Knows likes to call to him, will sometimes poke his toe over the line, but quickly retreats. Such cautionary behavior on his part is completely at odds with his past.

For example, in the past a typical Retzlaff move would have been to get in close proximity to McGibney and wave a gun or a knife while making physical threats of harm. Retzlaff claims that he did just that sort of thing back in 2014 when McGibney had to appear in a Phoenix court to have a frivolous lawsuit that Retzlaff had filed against him, dismissed. For reasons which I am not at liberty to disclose, Retzlaff was not in McGibney's general vicinity that day. Now Tummy will say I am full of s**t, but he knows that I am right. The change in Retzlaff's M.O. over the past 2 1/2 years is just one of the reasons we know he is operating as a subordinate to someone. But to whom you might ask? Well, lets just say that when a certain Houston-based attorney takes a set of Tweets (which made ZERO reference to him) and soup-to-nuts fabricates allegations that McGibney criminally hacked and inserted illegal content onto his Houston law firm's computer systems for the purposes of framing the Defendant's attorney - and does so without a shred of evidence supporting his willfully malicious claims - it does not seem so unlikely that such an attorney would employ someone such as Retzlaff as a paid blogger/cyberthug. And that does not even take into account the strong likelihood that Neal Rauhauser has known his Attorney's brother since at least 2008. (Rauhauser has claimed that he didn't know anything about Jeffrey Dorrell prior to exchanging an email with a blogger which Dorrell had previously represented and a Texas special pro
Posted By: IGotRetzlaffEvicted | 1/16/16 4:00 PM
It seems that my comment exceeded the word count. Picking up at "(Rauhauser..." here is the rest of what I had tried to submit:

(Rauhauser has claimed that he didn't know anything about Jeffrey Dorrell prior to exchanging an email with a blogger which Dorrell had previously represented and a Texas special prosecutor who had handled a case involving someone who had previously gotten in Dorrell's crosshairs. Considering the fact that Rauhauser has created narratives based on conversations which never occurred - there is no reason to believe that he actually spoke with that Special Prosecutor. But getting an attorney referral from an anonymous blogger sounds about right).
Posted By: b00lien | 1/22/16 12:55 PM
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