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Did Thomas C. Retzlaff Coerce a Witness In a Federal Trial Into Perjuring Herself?
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September 10, 2014
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**The following article was forwarded to BullyVille by an Anonymous user. They had a Wordpress blog about Thomas Retzlaff that was removed within 8 hours of launch due to a "TOS Violation". We have included the Contempt hearing paperwork, with a hearing being held on October 6th, 2014 against Convicted Felon Thomas C. Retzlaff. Mr. Retzlaff continues to violate multiple restraining orders in place against him.

"Denise (Retzlaff) Hollas has been menaced by Thomas C. Retzlaff for more than 20 years. Retzlaff (who eventually was designated a Vexatious Litigant in the State of Texas) kept their divorce settlement in the courts for over 6 years with frivolous motion after frivolous motion. Retzlaff even sued Mrs. Hollas and her new husband while Retzlaff was in prison serving a sentence for allegedly raping her. The sexual assault occurred while they were still married and he videotaped it within an earshot of their two young children. He admitted to all of this in court, under oath, during the divorce proceedings. There is even a court document or two that proves this. Seriously.


For some reason, however, Retzlaff now pretends that none of that occurred. This blog intends to document and expose the lies and manipulations which Thomas C. Retzlaff tells about himself and others. In the case of Retzlaff’s latest victim, James McGibney, Retzlaff libels McGibney almost exclusively by projecting truths about Retzlaff’s own character flaws and criminal/civil misconduct. We delve more deeply into his long and soiled laundry list of misdeeds, anti-social behaviors and criminal conduct in latter posts. For now, suffice it to say, Thomas C. Retzlaff is a human piece of garbage.


In fact, if you are reading this and live in the neighborhood of West Elm St (N 83rd St & W Camelback Rd) in Phoenix, AZ – keep a close eye on your kids, since Thomas C. Retzlaff is also suspected of being a pedophile – and unlike the false, libelous and malicious claims which Thomas C. Retzlaff publishes on the internet about other people, there is official documentation of this allegation (more on that to come in future postings).


The following document which relates to proceedings in both Civil and Federal Courts in the State of California reflects communications between James McGibney (Plaintiff) and Denise Hollas (Defendant Thomas C. Retzlaff’s estranged ex-wife). A notation within the document asserts that these communications were forwarded on to law enforcement agencies involved in active criminal investigations of the Defendant, Retzlaff.


Mrs. Hollas had submitted an affidavit in July which supported the plaintiff’s case.


The Defendant, Thomas C. Retzlaff, has allegedly been harassing Mr. McGibney and his lawyer, among others.


Retzlaff has been very publicly painting an elaborate sketch that McGibney is lying about everything.


Meanwhile, each piece of evidence that becomes public – such as the DMs and emails included herein – supports a very different picture.


We were gonna write a whole bunch more stuff here, but the following document pretty much speaks for itself. Feel free to leave a comment below. Our commenting policy will be filter free for the time being."


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