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Rampant Bullying Found Across Workplaces
Article by: entrepreneur.com
July 24, 2014
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In a recent study that Joseph Grenny and I conducted for our organization, VitalSmarts, 96 percent of survey respondents said they have experienced bullying at work. It's not the kind of bullying one might expect, though.

For example, when researchers have studied bullying among children, they have found two different kinds: physical and emotional bullying. Boys tend to engage in physical bullying: threats, intimidation, hitting, shoving and tripping. Girls, on the other hand, employ emotional bullying: excluding, gossiping, humiliating and withdrawing friendship. And most researchers who have studied workplace bullying focus narrowly on physical bullying.

Our research looked more broadly, however, and found that emotional bullying is more common in today‚Äôs workplace: More than two-thirds of the respondents experienced emotional bullying, while less than one-third experienced physical bullying. Here are a couple of examples from our research that were described in personal accounts:

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